Beefheart Covers Collection – every known cover of a Captain Beefheart song.

A large and diverse number of bands have attempted covering Don’s songs with varying degrees of success. Some of these efforts have had a legitimate release, albeit on small obscure labels, while others have only turned up on radio sessions, live tapes or more recently on Youtube or Soundcloud.

These are the ones I know of – if you’ve come across others please email me at These are all songs Don has written although I have stretched the point a bit to include ‘Willie The Pimp’ and ‘Hard Workin Man’ which are closely associated with him but are not his compositions.

A Beefheart Connection

Some tenuous, some blatant, but there’s Beefheart in there somewhere.

  • Borrowed quotes from Beefheart tunes in music and in print
  • Bands & People named after Beefheart Songs etc.

Tributes and Projects



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