Beefheart Covers Collection – every known cover of a Captain Beefheart song.

A large and diverse number of bands have attempted covering Don’s songs with varying degrees of success. Some of these efforts have had a legitimate release, albeit on small obscure labels, while others have only turned up on radio sessions, live tapes or more recently on Youtube or Soundcloud.

These are the ones I know of – if you’ve come across others please email me at These are all songs Don has written although I have stretched the point a bit to include ‘Willie The Pimp’ and ‘Hard Workin Man’ which are closely associated with him but are not his compositions.

More information about many of the cover versions can be found on these pages (Note: these pages are still in the process of being updated):

A Beefheart Connection

Some tenuous, some blatant, but there’s Beefheart in there somewhere.

Tributes and Projects



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