Meridian Arts Ensemble: Prime Meridian

The Meridian Arts Ensemble is a classical brass quintet from the US (sort of Kronos Quartet for brass music).


Channel Records CCS 8195 © 1995 (CD).


Song list:

Igor Stravinsky:

01. Fanfare for a New Theatre

Frank Zappa:

02. Peaches En Regalia
03. Let’s Make the Water Turn Black
04. Oh No
05. Igor’s Boogie
06. Eat That Question
07. Echidna’s Arf Kenny Wheeler
08. Song for Someone

Captain Beefheart:

09. Ice Rose
10. A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond
11. When I See Mommy, I Feel Like a Mummy
12. Apes-Ma
13. Dropout Boogie
14. Suction Prints

Milton Babbit:

15. Fanfare for All

Jon Nelson:

16. Song for a Dead King

Rich Shemaria:

17. Pandora’s Magic Castle

Herbie Hancock:

18. Jessica Frank London: Shvitz Suite
19. Bucket Cue
20. Freaky Guitar Freylekhs
21. V’erastikh Li
22. Full Moon, Ancient Waters
23. Psycho-Klezmer (from the repertoire of Naftulie Brandwell)


Line Up

On the album:

  • Jon Nelson: trumpet
  • Benjamin Herrington: trombone
  • Daniel Grabois: horn
  • Kevin Cobb: trumpet
  • Raymond G. Steward: tuba
  • John Ferrari: percussion

Performing now (correct as of October 2002):

  • Jon Nelson, Brian Mcwhorter – trumpets
  • Dan Grabois – horn
  • Benjamin Herrington – trombone
  • Raymond Stewart – tuba
  • John Ferrari – percussion

Further information

Their website is here –

They regularly perform Suction Prints and A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond as part of their live concert, although they have no plans at the moment to record any more Beefheart tunes.

Many thanks to Martin Brosch and Brian Mcwhorter for providing this information.

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