All the Magic Band’s original studio albums, listed in order of recording date.

The Legendary A&M Sessions

Five heavy psychedelic r&b tunes from the Magic Band’s early days.

Recorded: 1965
Released: 1984
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Safe As Milk

The first album of snappy psychedelia featuring Ry Cooder.

Recorded: 1967
Released: 1967
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Mirror Man

Four long, lumbering and glorious tunes from the Plain Brown Wrapper sessions

Recorded: 1967 / 8
Released: 1971
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Strictly Personal

The legendary ‘sabotaged’ psychedelic album.

Recorded: 1968
Released: 1968
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Trout Mask Replica

Epic, visionary and unique – Beefheart’s yardstick.

Recorded: 1969
Released: 1969
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Lick My Decals Off, Baby

Arguably the Magic Band’s finest moment.

Recorded: 1970
Released: 1970
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The Spotlight Kid

A slower, sparser approach to the blues.

Recorded: 1972
Released: 1972
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Clear Spot

Glorious collection of tight, punchy and pleasing Beefheartisms. The perfect introduction to his universe.

Recorded: 1972
Released: 1972
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Unconditionally Guaranteed

Beefheart goes commercial? No, not really.

Recorded: 1974
Released: 1974
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Bluejeans & Moonbeams

Surprisingly tepid album with only a couple of real gems.

Recorded: 1974
Released: 1974
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Bat Chain Puller

Legendary “lost” album signalling Don’s return to full musical and lyrical form.

Recorded: 1976
Released: 2012
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Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)

Hilarious, thrilling and deeply unusual, it’s tip-top classic Beefheart.

Recorded: 1976 / 8
Released: 1978
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Doc At the Radar Station

Where Howling Wolf meets John Lydon? Or just the Magic Band at its most abrasive?

Recorded: 1980
Released: 1980
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Ice Cream For Crow

Beefheart’s compellingly bleak adieu to the music business.

Recorded: 1982
Released: 1982
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