Frank Zappa with Captain Beefheart

Hot Rats

Zappa’s finest album? An otherwise instrumental set features Don on vocals for the maginificent “Willie The Pimp”.

Recorded: 1969
Released: 1969
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Bongo Fury

Live collaboration between Don and Frank.

Recorded: 1975
Released: 1975
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Zoot Allures

Features Don’s harmonica on “Find Her Finer”.

Recorded: 1975
Released: 1975
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One Size Fits All

Don appears as Bloodshot Rollin’ Red on “San Ber’dino”.

Recorded: 1975
Released: 1975
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Rare Beefheart / Vintage Zappa

Half Beefheart, half Zappa. The Beefheart tunes all appeared on I May Be Hungry… and the extended Buddha releases of Safe As Milk and Mirror Man Sessions.

Recorded: 1967-68
Released: 1991
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Strictly Commercial

Zappa compilation featuring Don’s harmonica on the tune “San Ber’dino”, taken from One Size Fits All.

Recorded: varies
Released: 1995

You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Volume 4

This double CD features the Captain on vocals and harmonica for one song – “The Torture Never Stops”.

Recorded: varies
Released: 1995

The Lost Episodes

Pleasingly eclectic collection of Zappa rarities including five unmissable collaborations with Don Van Vliet

Recorded: 1958-79
Released: 1996
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Cheap Thrills

Low budget compilation featuring the same tune as You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4.
Recorded: varies
Released: 1998

Mystery Disc

Recorded: varies
Released: 1998
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Other collaborations:

The Tubes – Now

Don plays sax on “Cathy’s Clown” and harmonica on “Golden Boy”.

Recorded: 1977
Released: 1977

Various – Blue Collar (soundtrack)

Jack Nitzsche score featuring Don’s vocals on “Hard Workin’ Man”.

Recorded: varies
Released: 1978
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Gary Lucas – Improve The Shining Hour

Collection of live collaborations featuring Don on vocals for “Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles” and a performance of “Flavor Bud Living”.

Recorded: varies
Released: 2000
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Moris Tepper – Moth To Mouth

Features a very brief snippet of Don talking down the telephone in 2000 on the tune “Frankenstein’s Daughter”

Recorded: 2000
Released: 2000