A collection of assorted compositions or references that have some connection to Beefheart but are not straight covers. Anything missing? Let us know. Acid Mothers Temple 2003 Finland CD St Captain Freak Out & The Magic Bamboo Request on Ektro Records EKTRO-015 This Japanese collective have soaked up most forms of rock music and then blast them back filtered through their own strange consciousness in a bewildering melange of sound. Their song titles are often based on well known songs – on this one the Captain gets a mention, which also includes Beatles, Stones and Mothers references. There is the obvious ‘Captain’ and ‘Magic’ inRead More →

That Petrol Emotion Hot Head 1988 UK 12″ Cellophane / Think of a Woman / Hot Head on Virgin Records VST 1116 see also Fast ‘n’ Bulbous Tribute Album Zig Zag Wanderer 1985 UK 12″ Keen / A Great Depression on a Slum Night / Zig Zag Wanderer on Pink Records PINKY 13T The Three Johns Moonlight on Vermont 1988 UK vinyl The Death of Everything on Trance Records 1988 UK CD The Death of Everything on Line Records TCDD 9-00671 One of the Johns was Jon Langford, founder of Leeds punk legend The Mekons, who de-camped to Chicago and are still performing. Another Beefheart connection is that he played withRead More →

  Sacred Cowboys Click Clack 2008 Australia CD Nailed to the Cross 1982-85 on Savage Beat/Loaded Skull Discs SB/LSD001 This track was only released as part of this 2CD retrospective but was recorded back in 1983 as part of a live set played at the Seaview Ballroom and broadcast on radio The Sacred Cowboys played a tough rock tinged with country and were part of the healthy Aussie scene that also included The Scientists and The Beasts of Bourbon.   Satantango Clear Spot 2004 Italian CD Mr Bore on Wallace Records wallace 53 Included on as this CD as track 0, a pre-gap hidden trackRead More →

Native & Silencers ZigZag Wanderer 1995 French CD Duos Taratata on Barclay 529509-2 A compilation album of material played on the French TV show ‘Taratata’. It looks like bands were encouraged to play together hence the ‘duos’ part of the album title. The song is actually listed as ‘Zig Zag’. Native is a French soul and funk band, they are two French black sisters Laura and Chris Mayne and The Silencers is a Scottish rock band. This was recorded on February 15th, 1995 and broadcast on March 24th, 1995 on French second channel. You can see a video of this on www.mytaratata.com Thanks to Daniel Mercurin for extra information about this one. NectarineRead More →

Mark Lanegan Band Clear Spot 2003 US CDEP Here Comes That Weird Chill (Methamphetamine Blues, Extras & Oddities) on Beggars Banquet Records Ex-Screaming Trees and Queens Of The Stone Age frontman, Mark Lanegan has put his own band together. Originally intended as a single from the album this release has grown into an 8 track EP of session out-takes that includes a version of ‘Clear Spot’. Thanks to Dave Crunelle for telling me about this one. Andrew Lange Sure Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do 2008 live (unreleased) Andrew Lange does a fine energetic one-man-band version, playing guitar, bass drum, snare drum and high-hat. It’s on Youtube if you want to take a look.Read More →

Jesse Hackett Dropout Boogie 2016 Various Artists : Extraordinary Renditions on Deek Recordings Released as part of an oddball various artists covers compilation this is the only Beefheart cover. Jesse Hackett is a London based musician who was a member of Gorillaz. His version of Dropout Boogie is an amusing electronica take on the song with an added sample from Don. As far as I know this song has only had an online release. There are a couple of versions of Youtube. You can hear just the audio of the song here: However, it’s best listened to whilst watching the very inventive and comical videoRead More →

Terry Edwards & The Scapegoats Ice Cream For Crow 2000 UK 7″ Ice Cream For Crow/ Tailgating on Damaged Goods Records DAMGOOD146 2000 UK CD Large Door on Damaged Goods Records DG148 Saxophone player honks his way through ‘Ice Cream For Crow’ in a sort of punk/rockabilly style on a limited edition (500 copies) yellow vinyl. Manically good fun.   Erase Errata Clear Spot date? German 7″ vinyl on Tomlab TOM U/103 Erik 4-A & Friends Frying Pan (instrumental) 2001 US CD Hold The Vocals. A tribute to the instrumental hits of the 50s 60s 70s on Go-Kustom Records GKR008-2 An interesting album this one but I can’t help thinking thatRead More →

The 012 Blabber ‘n’ Smoke 1981 UK tape White Patterns On Her Dress on Funky Weird Tapes FW001 19?? UK vinyl Various Artists : We Couldn’t Agree On A Title on ICR001 Funky Weird produced a series of deliberately lo-fi (before the term was used) cheaply recorded tracks and released them on cassette only. This is probably the first cover version of Blabber ‘n’ Smoke attempted. It’s not bad considering the guitars and drums are being played in what seems to be an attempt at out of tune punk version of the ‘Trout Mask’ sound. The compilation album is of artists who recorded at London’s Street Level studio. Thanks to Arild Stromsvag forRead More →

(Over The Edge Radio Show & Cassette Only Release) Radio Voices Series Volume Three Ammunition Press (distributed by Beat Books, Berkeley, California) 1995 Contents of Booklet Jack Lantern Eyelid (poem) A Metabiography of Don Van Vliet, Hair Pie, Bake One Doctor Dark Corner (North) BeefQuest (quiz) Doctor Dark’s Penances for Wrong or Right Answers A Metabiography of Don Van Vliet, Hair Pie, Bake Two Doctor Dark Corner (South) Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band (poem) Doctor Dark Corner (East) Beef Art (Crosley Bendix and Doctor Sigmund Void discussion) New Work (poem) A Metabiography of Don Van Vliet, Hair Pie, Bake Three The D.T.’s (poem) SourceRead More →

Find out who has recorded which of Don’s songs through this list arranged by the song title. If you prefer you can return to the list arranged by artist   25th Century Quaker  –  Matthew Lewis _________________________ A carrot is as close  –  Black Gang Brokeback Sam Coomes Fast ‘n’ Bulbous The Fourfathers Benjamin Horrendous Henry Kaiser Eli Litwin Gary Lucas Meridian Arts Ensemble Rosa Ensemble & Hans Dagelet Swedish Tribute Band _________________________ Abba Zaba  –  Azalia Snail Big Eyed Beans From Venus Built To Spill Fast ‘n’ Bulbous John French Lisa Kelly Oms en serie Radio I Ching SF Rock Project Voices of AfricaRead More →

Find out who has recorded which of Don’s songs through this list arranged by the artist’s name. If you prefer you can return to the list arranged by song title   The 012  –   Blabber ‘n’ Smoke The 180 Gs  –   Frownland Pachuco Cadaver Veterans’ Day Poppy  25 Suaves  –  Dachau Blues A Warm Palindrome  –  Orange Claw Hammer The Android Trio  –  Steal Softly Thru Snow April Fools Cover Show  –  Dropout Boogie I’m Glad Sure Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do Yellow Brick Road Zig Zag Wanderer The Aqua Velva Men  –  Grow Fins Nel Aspinal  –  Sugar ‘n’ Spikes Azalia Snail  –  Abba ZabaRead More →

featuring Nona Hendryx and Gary Lucas interpreting a selection of Beefheart favourites   Sun Zoom Spark My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do I’m Glad The Smithsonian Institute Blues (or The Big Dig) Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles Suction Prints Sugar ‘N Spikes When Big Joan Sets Up Too Much Time When It Blows Its Stacks Tropical Hot Dog Night Publicity blurb: … a comprehensive overview of the man also known as Don Van Vliet’s towering legacy, re-imagined and infused with new blood by vocalist extraordinaire Nona Hendryx and avant-guitar legend Gary Lucas. The World ofRead More →

A Giraffe is Listening to the Radio is a collection of Beefheart songs recorded in rehearsal and performance during 1979 and 1980. Side A Electricity Moonlight on Vermont Doctor Dark The Spotlight Kid Nowaday’s a Woman’s Gotta Hit a Man Side B Owed T’Alex Clear Spot Grow Fins Lick My Decals Off, Baby Steal Softly Thru Snow Abba Zabba   Review Men & Volts recordings of Beefheart songs have become almost the stuff of legend, we knew they were out there but no one seemed to have heard them. Some cassettes and later some CDRs were made available discreetly but not released on a label.Read More →

Takes on the music of Captain Beefheart Song List Hot Head I Love You, You Big Dummy Click Clack Ice Rose Ant Man Bee When I See Mommy, I Feel Like A Mummy When It Blows Its Stacks Flavor Bud Living / Veteran’s Day Poppy Tracks 1 – 7 recorded and mixed at The Clock Tower Studios, Edinburgh June 2016 Track 8 was recorded live at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh 19 August 2016. Notes From the sleeve: The music of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band remains a beacon of wild creativity for those with ears to listen. Orange Claw Hammer have approached this musicRead More →

The songs that inspired the man Song list: Slim Harpo – I’m A King Bee Lightnin Slim – My Starter Won’t Work Richard Berry – Louie Louie Clarence Gatemouth Brown – Midnight Hour Howlin Wolf – Somebody In My Home Bo Diddley – Diddy Wah Diddy Ornette Coleman – Eventually Robert Johnson – Terraplane Blues Blind Willie Johnson – You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond Johnny Guitar Watson – Hot Little Mama One String Sam – I Need A Hundred Dollars Jimmy Reed – Little Rain Muddy Waters – Rollin N Tumblin (Part 1) Al Simmons With Slim Green And The Cats From FresnoRead More →

18 Mississippi Delta blues, free jazz and brooding swamp boogie songs which inspired the legendary artist   Song list: 1. Howlin’ Wolf – Smokestack Lightning 2. Muddy Waters – She’s Alright 3. Bo Diddley – Diddy Wah Diddy 4. John Coltrane – Bakai 5. Thelonius Monk – Monk’s Dream 6. The Nutmegs – Story Untold 7. The Turbans – When You Dance 8. Mississippi Fred McDowell – 61 Highway 9. Blind Willie Johnson – John The Revelator 10. Big Joe Williams – Providence Help The Poor 11. Howlin’ Wolf – Moanin’ At Midnight 12. Cecil Taylor – Song 13. Ornette Coleman – Invisible 14. MuddyRead More →

A selection of tracks that helped mould the avant-garde sounds of Beefheart including some from The Man himself. Song list: 01. Intro [The Birth of Captain Beefheart] 02. New Minglewood Blues – Noah Lewis Jug Band 03. The Lion – Duke Mitchell 04. Didddie Wa Diddie – Blind Blake 05. Mope-Itty Mope – The Boss-Tones 06. New Black Snake Blues (Part One) – Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson 07. New Black Snake Blues (Part Two) – Victoria Spivey & Lonnie Johnson 08. Best Batch Yet – Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band 09. His Majesty the Policeman – Lord Buckley 10. Rubber Dolly Rag –Read More →

The Meridian Arts Ensemble is a classical brass quintet from the US (sort of Kronos Quartet for brass music). Channel Records CCS 8195 © 1995 (CD).   Song list: Igor Stravinsky: 01. Fanfare for a New Theatre Frank Zappa: 02. Peaches En Regalia 03. Let’s Make the Water Turn Black 04. Oh No 05. Igor’s Boogie 06. Eat That Question 07. Echidna’s Arf Kenny Wheeler 08. Song for Someone Captain Beefheart: 09. Ice Rose 10. A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond 11. When I See Mommy, I Feel Like a Mummy 12. Apes-Ma 13. Dropout Boogie 14. Suction Prints MiltonRead More →

Play written by Ko van den Bosch and staged by the Dutch theatre company NNT (Noord Nederlands Toneel). Performed: April 2010 – Theater de Machinefabriek, Groningen December 2011 – Bellevue, Amsterdam Performers: Frank Lammers – actor and singer Wouter Planteijdt – guitarist (Sjako!) Dolf Planteijdt – guitarist (Morzel Pronk, producer of The Ex) Joost Buis – trombone, lap steel guitarist (Astronotes and guest musician with The Ex) René van Barneveld, aka Tres Manos – guitarist (The Urban Dance Squad) Richard Heijerman – drummer (Morzel Pronk and Sjako!) www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOyWNaOAHhc – a short promo for the 2010 performance Song list: Suction Prints Ah Feel Like Ahcid / Love Lies BatRead More →

  Released: 2005 Label: De Bonte Koe Records BKR003 Song list: 1. Frownland 2. A carrot is as close as a rabbit gets to a diamond 3. Blabber ‘n’ Smoke 4. Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy 5. To The Beach/Swim In Paint 6. Lumpy Gravy 7. Orange Claw Hammer 8. Gimme A Pepsi 4 9. The Thousandth And Tenth Day Of the Human Totem Pole 10. Broadway Bookie Wookie 11. Gimme A Pepsi 3 12. Honolulu 13. Bothering Heights 14. Doctor Dark 15. Alice In Blunderland 16. The Great Horse Massacre 17. Boo 18. I Took Her ‘n’ I Shook Her 19. Apes Ma 20.Read More →