1999 release of The Mirror Man Sessions with bonus tracks

1999 release of The Mirror Man Sessions with bonus tracks

Track list Tarotplane 25th Century Quaker Mirror Man Kandy Korn Trust Us (Take 6) Safe As Milk (Take 12) Beatle Bones N’ Smokin Stones Moody LizRead More

1999 vinyl release of The Mirror Man Sessions

A brand new re-issue of Mirror Man, complete with the glorious remastering and bonus tracks from Buddha’s 1999 CD reissue. Released on 15th November 1999. TrackRead More

25th Century Quaker lyrics

Mayflower child met uh 25th Century Quaker She’s uh pickin’ poppies ‘n’ bringin’ them into her hue Sun sifting thru and thru and thru Letting themRead More

Bertelsmann gets religion by resurrecting the old Buddha record label reincarnated with a new mission

BMG-owned Buddha Records will debut in the spring with expanded, newly remastered reissues of such out-of-print works as Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band’s Safe asRead More

Cosmic soldier back in the fray with new discs by Tom Moon

Oh, the yin and yang of it all. At the exact moment the music industry is overrun with homogenized teen harmonisers, along comes a grizzled, determinedlyRead More

Mirror Man by Lester Bangs

Captain Beefheart still plays to a relatively minor following, but most of them believe, as I do, that he’s one of the four or five unqualifiedRead More

Mirror Man discography

Mirror Man discography

Track list Tarotplane Kandy Korn 25th Century Quaker Mirror Man Musicians Don Van Vliet – vocals, harmonica, oboe Alex St. Clair – guitar Jeff Cotton – guitar Mark Marcellino – keyboards John French – drumsRead More

Mirror Man lyrics

Mirror man mirror me Mirror than mirror me Mirror man mirror than Mirror land farther than Mirror day mirror way Mirror man mirror way Mirror manRead More

Mirror Man Mini Me

Mirror Man Mini Me

Two of Beefheart’s earliest albums have been given the Japanese mini LP treatment. You can now get exact copies of the original Safe As Milk andRead More

Mirror Man releases

Releases 1971 US Original on Buddah BDS-5077. There are four distinct issues here: Multi-colored label, die-cut cover Multi-colored label, no die-cut cover Reissue on regular BuddahRead More

Moody Liz lyrics

Wee little doors Her lunar spoon croon n’ tune Rust doth thrust thru sienna slippers Through hydrangea blue meadows Babble clabber streams O’ gather the childrenRead More

Safe As Milk / Mirror Man combinations / track re-orderings

1977 UK SAM/MM Combination Re-issue as Beefheart File of SAM/MM on Pye FILD 008 Two inner sleeves contain “rare” photos and informative article by Connor McKnightRead More

Safe As Milk and Mirror Man’s Buddha reissues by Graham Johnston

It was with some excitement that I first heard about these re-releases, perfectly timed to coincide with what appears to be a significant increase in interestRead More

Tarotplane lyrics

Baby Percy told Elixir Sue Listen to me baby I’m gonna tell it to you Gonna need somebody on your bond You gonna need some bodies onRead More

Tarotplane song notes

Tarotplane song notes

Steve Brewster writes about the opening lines “Baby Percy told Elixir Sue / Listen to me baby / I’m gonna tell it to you”: Don wasRead More

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