Men let your wallets flop out and women open your purses, here’s some information about buying Don Van Vliet’s magnificent paintings.

Please direct all enquiries to:


The Michael Werner Gallery,
4 East 77 Street,
New York 10021.

Telephone (212) 988-1623 Fax (212) 988-1774


Queries should be addressed to the associate director, Justine Birbil.

Prices start at $12,500 for the paintings, and drawings range from $2,500 to $4,500.

Very few copies of the hardback book Stand Up To Be Discontinued which accompanied three 1994 exhibitions are still available and contain an original etching. The price for the book and etching is $1,200.

If anyone has any more info, or knows of any outlets selling prints, please do get in touch.