A Christmas Card From Don Van Vliet

The Ocean Gave me Oysters The People Watching it Gave Me Ulcers When the Ocean is Wounded it Takes the Whole World to Heal.

A Tin Peened Reindeer by Don Van Vliet

A tin peened reindeer Metalically hoofed on glass Scorched cotton snowmen edged the corners Flesh coloured powder mountains Yellow lights melts cobwebbed articles Vague wire tunnelsRead More

Brown Star by Don Van Vliet

Brown Star by Don Van Vliet

I know of a Brown Star That only certain people have found For years they been lookin’ around A lot of people lookin’ up But veryRead More

Doped in stunned mirages by Don Van Vliet

It’s like a white onion-fleshed pumpkin tiny black eyes and round paper hairs laughing white collars minced muted in the huffing dry morning wind that jingledRead More

Gill by Don Van Vliet

Bub & Gill Bub & Gill Bub in India Bub & Mat Bub in the wool Bub in a rug Indoor Bub – Bub in stitchesRead More

22 Jun

Hollow Smoke by Don Van Vliet

Hollow smoke the hole transmitting her hair come out like red meat through uh screen door wiped her shoulder balanced like a ball her face wasRead More

22 Jun

Infra-Grams by Don Van Vliet

Infra-grams – that hot old woman’s jams and jellies and Marmalade by the fire roasting her licked paws one cushion four toenails curled under the couchRead More

22 Jun
Manta Ray by Don Van Vliet

Manta Ray by Don Van Vliet

This poem was taken fom the lyric sheet of the original release of Trout Mask Replica, and was kindly sent along by Steven Cerio. (before 1969)

22 Jun

Odd Jobs by Don Van Vliet

The rug ripped up in cloth popcorn balls the walls an old candy striped sack in the corner wrinkled black and white a table held upRead More

22 Jun

One Man Sentence by Don Van Vliet

Inside the tubette on the small duplex tile shadow of my hand made a movie wolf head the dangling cigarette made a long fire tipped tubeRead More

Poetry readings 1993

A 1993 poetry reading CD was included in the Stand Up To Be Discontinued exhibition book and later reproduced in the Pearls Before Swine book. ItRead More

Safe Sex Drill by Don Van Vliet

The child held the old T.P. roll carefully thoughtful not to misshape the hole (1990?) A 1993 reading of Safe Sex Drill is available

Seam Crooked Sam by Don Van Vliet

The mule kicked off a new one and the stockings ran up Seam Crooked Sam bandana frock stuffed with smoke and ears out flopped like bowlin’Read More

Sun Dawn Dance by Don Van Vliet

Sun showers danced like dye darker green shadows light on green leaves played bamboo golden light organ pipes wooden ‘n’ olden down finickey halls shadows leapedRead More

The Beep Seal by Don Van Vliet

The beep seal I saw once as a child So life like it almost made me cry It stared with its eye glass and one glueRead More

The Smith That Clean Our Stars by Don Van Vliet

The smith that clean our stars The wolf head came off in night His paw plucked a mushroom and pawed a nest of bees A bladeRead More

The Tired Plain by Don Van Vliet

The bra was white and yellow elastic and held to foam cones the corners triangular shaped pyramid three edges made one point starfish and embry boardsRead More

Three Months In The Mirror by Don Van Vliet

Three months in the mirror burning hip – let’s go to the kennel honey and get one of those cute little moth pups they flap theirRead More

Trout Mask Replica promo pack poems

Not sure when this little collection was distributed but as it has the Straight logo and address we can presume it was as a promotion forRead More

Tulip by Don Van Vliet

It could be a tremendous black upside-down tulip it could be a black fishes’ tail it could be a day, artistically crimped and buoyant in itsRead More

22 Jun
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