Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish: A Tribute to…

A various  artists tribute featuring covers of 20 Beefheart songs (19 to be exact, as one is Willie The Pimp; although I’m not sure about track 8!).


Label: Animal World Recordings
Released: 13th May 2003

Song list:

  1. Dirty Blue Gene – Mike Watt
  2. Flash Gordon’s Ape – Weasel Walter
  3. Orange Claw Hammer – A Warm Palindrome
  4. Electricity – Racebannon
  5. Neon Meate Dream Of An Octafish – Miss Murgatroid
  6. Ink Mathematics – Monotract
  7. Hair Pie: Bake 2 – Trumans Water
  8. Dacaer Pinga & Black Alaska – “Bad Ronald baked a Wooden Hairpie, and no one would eat it, not even old Whale Waist Seymour”
  9. Too Much Time – Jad Fair w/ Daisy Cooper
  10. Sugar ‘n’ Spikes – Nel Aspinal
  11. Apes Ma – Ortho
  12. I Got Love on My Mind – Brian McMahon (of The Electric Eels)
  13. Korn Ring Finger – Bright
  14. Yellow Brick Road – Moy
  15. Abba Zabba – Azalia Snail
  16. Three Months in the Mirror – Don Fleming
  17. Dachau Blues – 25 Suaves
  18. Willie the Pimp – Vig ESP
  19. Wild Life – Old Time Relijun
  20. Beatle Bones ‘n Smokin’ Stones – Dapper

Publicity blurb

This comes from the Animal World website –

“CD compilation paying homage to the almighty Don Van Vliet,
AKA Captain Beefheart. Bands/artists such as Mike Watt, Jad Fair,
Don Fleming, Weasel Walter, Bright, Old Time Relijun, Monotract,
Ortho, Warm Palindrome, 25 Suaves, Moy, Dapper, Azalia Snail, Brian
McMahon of the Electric Eels all tearing apart their favorite Beefheart

Brian McMahon quote on CD insert:

“For me, the Captain was a barometer. Like the bottle of gin
pulled from your coat at an acid party or a passing reefer you bogarted
as though it were just another Gaulloise, any Beefheart album slipped
into turntable rotation quickly took a reading of the room that was
unmistakeable; it either said you’d be staying … or told you with
whom you’d be leaving.”


This tribute is from the Denver, Colorado based Animal World Recordings label. As far as I know none of these tracks has been previously issued apart from Racebannon’s version of Electricity which was on their recent album. Mike Watt has released a cover of A carrot is as close… before but this time he’s taking on Dirty Blue Gene.

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