Robyn Hitchcock is a big Beefheart fan and has already covered some of Don’s songs. See his entry in our Covers section. For this tribute project he has put together a band to perform the Clear Spot album live in its entirety. On the Wychwood Festival site he explained: The most exciting gig I ever saw was Beefheart at the Colston Hall, Bristol in 1973. He was a big guy and the whole room vibrated [with] the low frequencies coming from his voice … he was large and he sort of elbowed the musicians out of his way and they’d run around. We’re not doing that. What you’re going toRead More →

Unofficial cover art by Unkie Al Song list: Frownland The Dust Blows Forward And The Dust Blows Back Dachau Blues [spoken] Ella Guru Hair Pie (Orchestral Version) Moonlight On Vermont Pachuco Cadaver Bill’s Corpse Sweet Sweet Bulbs Steal Softly Thru Snow My Human Gets Me Blues Hair Pie (Guitar Version) Further info A fascinating but, sadly, unreleased project from musician Lewis Taylor. Overview by Derek Laskie Troutrageous Replica! I have recently been playing a demo CD called ‘Trout Mask Replica’, a Replica replica, single-handedly made by Lewis Taylor, a professional musician best known for his soul albums and his music for feature films. Lewis chooses not to follow the growlingRead More →

Legendary broadcasts from the 1960s, 1970s & 1980s Song List Disc 1 Down In The Bottom 02:39 Don’t Start Me Talkin’ 02:16 The Sun Is Shining 02:41 Tupelo 04:23 Somebody In My Home 02:53 Old Folks’ Boogie 03:22 St. James Infirmery 06:18 Evil (Is Going On) 02:36 Harp Instrumental 03:15 Somebody In My Home 02:40 Sure’Nuff’n’Yes I Do 02:06 Call On Me 03:04 Yellow Brick Road 01:33 Plastic Factory 02:55 Sure ‘Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do 02:47 Yellow Brick Road 02:54 Abba Zaba 03:36 Kandy Korn 04:24 Disc 2 Mirror Man 07:31 Upon The My-O-My 03:17 Crazy Little Things 05:08 Full Moon Hot Sun 04:21Read More →

A compilation of live tracks from the 1970s. Song list Side A China Pig A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets Alice In Blunderland Orange Claw Hammer Carson City Old Black Snake One Nest Rolls After Another Side B Golden Birdies The Blimp Find A Woman Dali’s Claw Lo Yo Yo Stuff Grow Fins Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top Notes From Ozit blurb: Batlight Clearkid 1970’s is an LP compilation of great Captain Beefheart live material recorded in the UK and in Europe. The tracks are taken from John Peels personal collection of live reel to reel tapes and this albumRead More →

Somewhere Over Kansas Song List Mirror Man Upon The My-0-My Crazy Little Things Full Moon, Hot Sun Sugar Bowl This Is The Day Keep On Rubbing Be Your Dog Sweet Georgia Brown Abba Zabba Peaches Notes From the publicity blurb: There are very few truly iconoclastic figures in the history of popular music since the mid 20th century, but Don Van Vliet (1941-2010), aka Captain Beefheart, is certainly one of them. By the time of this April 1974 broadcast, Captain Beefheart – and the 29th incarnation in along line of ever-mutating Magic Bands – had reverted to more traditionally-structured compositions, to the chagrin of someRead More →

Song List Side A Poofters Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead (200 Years Special) 3:10 George Duke’s Incredible Show (Improvisation) 5:50 Willie The Pimp 9:23 Side B The Torture Never Stops 14:40 Let’s Make The Water Turn Black 4:03 Overview Recorded live on the Bongo Fury Tour at the Boston Music Hall, Massachusetts on 27 April 1975 (Late Show). Only 5 of the 13 songs performed that evening are included on this single disc pressed on purple vinyl. At least Beefheart’s contribution is represented on here. Releases 2008 Germany Vinyl on Hedgehog Records  HDG 0020 Help us If anyone is able to complete or update any of the information above, then pleaseRead More →

Song List Disc 1 Improvisations Camarillo Brillo Muffin Man Let’s Make The Water Turn Black Penguin In Bondage Improvisation (Beefheart Instrumental Style) Debra Kadabra Band Introductions Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead Echidna’s Arf George Duke Improvisation Disc 2 The Torture Never Stops Marty’s Dance Song Montana Florentine Pogen Encore Break Willie The Pimp Overview Recorded on the Bongo Fury tour at the Music Hall, Boston, MA on 27th April 1975 – Late Show. Releases 2011 US 2CD on Guitar Master  GM-025/026 Help us If anyone is able to complete or update any of the information above, then please do get in touch.Read More →

Radar Station Overview Recorded during the Bongo Fury Tour at Boston Music Hall on 27th April 1975, except for tracks 11, 12 and 13 on the vinyl release which are from a different Mothers show. The vinyl version was released as a double but is usually found in separate deluxe covers. Volume 1 has a brown and white cover while Volume 2 has a red and white one. As can be seen the track listing on the CD version is slightly different (confusion over song titles aside) but it’s a pity ‘Willie The Pimp’ has been missed off. Song List Vinyl CD Intro – Varese Special A Token Of My ExtremeRead More →

Song List: Side A 1 Regyptian Strut 2 Sofa 3 Who Are The Brain Police? 4 Orange Claw Hammer Side B 1 200 Years Old 2 Willie The Pimp 3 Peon 4 Alice In Blunderland Side C 1 Revised Music For Guitar & Low-Budget Orchestra 2 A Pound For A Brown On The Bus Side D 1 Somebody In My Home 2 Almost Grown 3 Call On Me 4 Sure ‘Nuff & Yes I Do 5 Yellow Brick Road 6 Plastic Factory Radar Station Overview Although this is marketed as a Frank Zappa bootleg (with Captain Beefheart) there are quite a few Beefheart tracks here.Read More →

Song List Side One Montana Florentine Pogen Side Two Debra Kadabra Intros Poofter’s Froth Wyoming George Duke Spotlight (Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?) Radar Station Overview From the Bongo Fury tour in 1975 this includes a few songs performed at the Boston Music Hall show. A single European (probably German) vinyl that has been re-pressed at least once with different covers. The label reads: “P.T. Schneider presents MUFFIN “LIVE” BAND” Can anyone explain the title of this release? Whose stupid idea was that? Definitely not one of the best! Thanks to Wol Stor for the cover scan Releases 1985 AL 01A/B clear vinyl with plain white sleeve withRead More →

Song list Disc 1 County Coliseum, El Paso, 23 May 1975 Presentation Bongo Fury Initial Apostrophe band introduction Stinkfoot I`m Not Satisfied Carolina Hard-core Ecstasy Velvet Sunrise A pound for a brown on the bus the medley Frank introduces El Paso son Jimmy Carl Black You`re So Fine Lonely Lonely Nights Debra Kadabra Montana Strange Things Disc 2 1. Advance Romance 2. Florentine Pogen Studio outtakes 3. 200 Years Old (studio outtake 1975) 4. Orange Claw Hammer (FZ & CB Radio Show 1975) 5. Redunzl (studio outtake) Music Hall, Boston 27 April 1975 6. Camarillo Brillo 7. Muffin Man 8. Let`s make the water turnRead More →

Song List Improvisations 5:46 Camarillo Brillo 4:29 Muffin Man 1:45 Stinkfoot 4:51 I’m Not Satisfied 2:06 Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy 10:38 Velvet Sunrise 7:36 A Pound For A Brown 9:59 The Torture Never Stops 8:10 Montana 12:09 Improvisations (Inc. Chariot, Moon Trek) 9:39 Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top 2:35 Penguin In Bondage 11:41 Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead 3:18 Echidna’s Arf 0:36 Drum Solo 3:05 Advance Romance 15:16 Encore Applause 0:31 Willie The Pimp 8:43 Recorded at Providence College, Rhode Island on 26th April 1975. Notes From back cover: Childhood friends and fellow rock visionaries Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart put aside their differencesRead More →

Song List Disc 1 Improvisations Camarillo Brillo Muffin Man (Instrumental) Stinkfoot I’m Not Satisfied Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy Velvet Sunrise A Pound For A Brown Why Doesn’t Someone Give Him A Pepsi? (Aka The Torture Never Stops) Disc 2 Montana Improvisations (Incl. Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top) Penguin In Bondage Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead Echidna’s Arf (Of You) Drums Advance Romance Willie The Pimp Recorded at Providence College, Rhode Island on 26th April 1975 Overview Good quality bootleg  from an original recording by Dan Lampinski from the Bongo Fury Tour. One of the better offerings from this tour with more Beefheart participation. The soundRead More →

Song List Side One A Token Of My Extreme Stinkfoot Sleeping In A Jar Poofter’s Froth Wyoming Side Two Debra Kadabra Florentine Pogen Why Doesn’t Someone Get Him A Pepsi (Torture) Radar Station Overview From the Bongo Fury tour recorded at Bridges Auditorium, Claremont College, California 11th April 1975 – second show. A single European vinyl originally pressed in “100 numbered copies with insert”. It came in a plain white cover (ah, those were the days!!) and inferior sound quaity. ‘Torture’ was actually premiered that night. Not to be confused with the bootleg known as ‘A Token of HIS Extreme’. Releases 198? ZX 3656 A/B Thanks to Rollin’Read More →

The back cover of this single CD says: Frank HOT Rats Zappa and Captain BEEFheart INJECT their thoughts and songs in this classic 1975 WLIR radio broadcast This is the same excellent show as the An Evening With … CD release. Although “Hot Beef” claims to released earlier I thought “An Evening with” was first Song list: Cucamonga Orange Claw Hammer Debra Kadabra/Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy Will You Drink My Water Pachuco Cadaver I Was A Teenage Maltshop Status Back Baby Ned The Mumbler Toads Of The Sort Forest Charva Speedfreak Boogie Metal Man Has Won His Wings Instrumental Louisiana Blues Instrumental Studio Rehearsal How Could I Be SuchRead More →

An amazing collection of rarities put together as a syndicated radio show by Zappa in 1975. It was broadcast on KWST and WLIR – and possibly others. Don is in the studio too and contributes throughout – the highlight being the version of ‘Orange Claw Hammer’ with Zappa playing guitar accompaniment Song List Cucamonga (Bongo Fury 1975) Orange Claw Hammer (live in studio 1975) Debra Kadabra/Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy (Bongo Fury 1975) Will You Drink My Water (The Smegmates) Pachuco Cadaver (Trout Mask Replica) I Was A Teenage Maltshop (CBS Demo 1965) Status Back Baby (CBS Demo 1965) Ned The Mumbler (CBS Demo 1965) Toads Of The Sort ForestRead More →

A + Abba Zaba Atlanta + Amougies Festival 1969 + Another Chapter from the Life & Times of Captain Beefheart + Ashtray Heart + Avalon ’66 B + Bat Chain Puller + Bat Chain Puller (remastered version on vinyl) + Batlight Clearkid 1970s + Best Batch Yet + Bickershaw Festival + Bongo Fury in El Paso + Boston Music Hall 27/04/1975 (Late Show) 200 Years Special C + Captain Hook + Captain Live in Liverpool + Captain’s Last Live Concert Plus + Case of the Punks + CB & his MB live in GB + Chronicle + Country Club Reseda 1981 + Crazy Little Things D +Read More →

Song List Mirror Man Upon The My-O-My Crazy Little Things Full Moon, Hot Sun Sugar Bowl This Is The Day Keep On Rubbing Be Your Dog Sweet Georgia Brown Abba Zaba Peaches Peaches (Encore) Overview From the live broadcast by KUDL-FM from the Cowtown Ballroom., Kansas City on 22nd April 1974. The sound quality is excellent but sadly it is the Tragic Band incarnation so not that much magic. Yes, it’s a pleasant, inoffensive listen but that’s not what most of us want from Beefheart. Already bootlegged as Crazy Little Things and Captain Hook. A two-disc vinyl version was issued with a revamped design in aRead More →

Song List SIDE A 1. Mascara Snake 2. Click Clack Take 1 3. Click Clack Take 2 4. Golden Birdies SIDE B 5. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby Take 1 6. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby Take 2 7. Steal Softly Thru The Snow 8. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby Take 1 Overview Recorded on 12th April 1972 at The Beat Club studios, Bremen for TV broadcast. Only one track was broadcast at the time but now the whole session can be heard. Released on 140g vinyl in a limited edition of 1000. Excellent sound quality. But I’m not entirely convinced this is an essential purchaseRead More →

Song List Side 1 Rollin and Tumblin Well well well, Electricity Neon meat dreams of a octafish Side 2 Kandy Korn Sure enuff yes I do Moody Liz Yer gonna need somebody on your bond Notes From Ozit’s publicity blurb: Deluxe 180 Gram vinyl LP on purple wax with gatefold sleeve. One of the highlights of Captain Beefheart’s 1968 tour of the UK was the concert at Frank Freeman’s Dance Club in Kidderminster. Fortunately legendary DJ John Peel brought his tape recorder and recorded four brilliant numbers from the show which appear on this album along with four other tracks from that era. Pride ofRead More →