Live in Kansas City 1974

Yet another version of Live at Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City April 22, 1974

Song List

Side A

  1. Mirror Man
  2. Upon The My-O-My
  3. Full Moon Hot Sun
  4. Keep on Rubbin’ > Be Your Dog

Side B

  1. Crazy Little Things
  2. Sugar Bowl
  3. This Is the Day
  4. Sweet Georgia Brown
  5. Abba Zaba
  6. Peaches


Yes, it’s yet another version of the Cowtown Ballroom show from 1974. This one claims to be 180g virgin vinyl and is “Manufactured in Europe”. The label – DOL – is a trademark of Vinylogy which is a Russian company –

I find this release rather endearing in that it seems to be a throwback to those classic bootlegs of the 1980s. It has a glossy cover with some great photos although they represent Magic Bands that have nothing to do with this recording plus the running order of the show has been inexplicably rearranged (probably to get it to fit easily on the two sides of vinyl) and Crazy Little Thing has become plural.

See my review for the original bootleg release of this show – Crazy Little Things


It also looks as if a CD version of this has been released at the same time. The back cover of the vinyl album has been colourised and used for the front but the title and the font are identical, the letters “CBC – FM” are also printed on both front covers.

The CD version has the 11 tracks as per usual for this concert.

Song List (CD)

  1. Mirror Man
  2. Upon the My-O-My
  3. Crazy Little Things
  4. Full Moon Hot Sun
  5. Sugar Bowl
  6. This Is The Day
  7. Keep On Rubbing > Be Your Dog
  8. Peaches
  9. Sweet Georgia Brown
  10. Abba Zaba
  11. Peaches (encore)


Thanks to Rolf Lochbuehler for the scans of the CD package.


  • 2015 European vinyl on the DOL label DOR2028H
  • 2015 European CD on the BRR label


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  1. Thx for the entry here. This is indispensable Tragic Band. There used to be a couple uploads of this on YouTube which may have since disappeared. Wtvr, I’ll get a gd copy and post it myself under Fair Use provisions w/ publishing attribution considering it’s not an ‘official release’. : )

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