Crazy Little Things


Song list:

  1. Mirror Man
  2. Upon The My-O-My
  3. Crazy Little Things
  4. Full Moon Hot Sun
  5. Sugar Bowl
  6. This Is The Day
  7. Keep On Rubbing
  8. Be Your Dog
  9. Sweet Georgia Brown
  10. Abba Zaba
  11. Peaches
  12. Peaches

Radar Station Overview

Recorded live at Cowtown, Kansas City on 22nd April,1974 (a rare early FM broadcast).

This European bootleg looks to be one of those ‘grey’ releases – is it legit or not? It was widely available for a time. There is an official looking stamp on the back cover which is Italian in origin and could explain the confusion over legitimacy.

As it says on the cover this is taken from a radio broadcast of the Kansas show by Don with the Tragic Band so the sound quality is pretty good. In some ways this is better than the London 1974 boot – although Del Simmons gets to squawk too much – but ultimately I suppose it depends on whether you like this anodyne period of Don’s work or not. He’s in good voice, blows some fine harp and the songs
bounce along quite merrily.

Before ‘This Is The Day’ Don recites the ‘One Nest Rolls’ poem which isn’t listed. For some reason there are two versions of ‘Peaches’. It’s not clear if the second is an encore or added from another show.


  • 1993 Triangle Records PYCD 080. Made in the EEC

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