The third in the series of live shows released by Gonzo Multimedia. Song List 1. Suction Prints 2. Low Yo Yo Stuff 3. Nowadays and 4. Woman’s Gotta Hit a Man 5. Abba Zabba 6. Band Intro 7. Sugar ‘n’ Spikes 8. Peon 9. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby 10. Old Black Snake 11. Alice in Blunderland 12. I’m a King/Sugar Mama 13. Mirror Man 14. Big Eyed Beans from Venus 15. Golden Birdies The Radar Station Overview This is the third in Gonzo’s releases in their series “Somewhere Over…” or “Live From…”series . They can’t seem to make their mind up which one to go with so have used both – one onRead More →

Song List Disc 1 – Lick My Decals Off, Baby (1970) [as original release] Disc 2 – The Spotlight Kid (1971) [as original release] Disc 3 – Clear Spot (1972) [as original release] Disc 4 – Out-takes 1. Alice in Blunderland – Alternate Version 2. Harry Irene 3. I Can’t Do This Unless I Can Do This/Seam Crooked Sam 4. Pompadour Swamp/Suction Prints 5. The Witch Doctor Life – Instrumental Take 6. Two Rips in a Haystack/Kiss Me My Love 7. Best Batch Yet – (Track) Version 1 8. Your Love Brought Me To Life – Instrumental 9. Dirty Blue Gene – Alternate Version 1Read More →

A 2 CD set of the excellent show at the Le Nouvel Hippodrome, Paris in 1977. Song List Disk 1 1 Hair Pie: Bake III 2 Suction Prints 3 Low Yo Yo Stuff 4 Bat Chain Puller 5 I Wanna Fina A Woman That ‘ll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go 6 Abba Zaba 7 Dali’s Car 8 One Nest Rolls After Another 9 The Dust Blows Forward and the Dust Blows Back 10 Nowadays a Woman’s Got To Hit A Man 11 Click Clack 12 Grow Fins 13 Golden Birdies Disk 2 1 Electricity 2 A Carrot Is As Close AsRead More →

The full Avalon 1966 concert available for the first time. Song List The Avalon Ballroom, 1966 1. Down In The Bottom 2. Don’t Start Me To Talkin’ 3. The Sun Is Shining 4. Tupelo 5. Somebody In My Home 6. Old Folks’ Boogie 7. St. James Infirmary 8. Evil (Is Going On) 9. Harp Instrumental Radio Station, 1967 10. Somebody In My Home 11. Sure ‘Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do 12. Call On Me 13. Yellow Brick Road 14. Plastic Factory 15. Sure ‘Nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do 16. Yellow Brick Road 17. Abba Zaba 18. Kandy Korn Notes Publicity blurb: Captain Beefheart & HisRead More →

This isn’t a review of this recent release by Chrome Dreams this is a warning. It’s not a new documentary about the relationship between Don and Frank it’s just a repackaging of the two previous titles “Under Review” and “From Straight to Bizarre” although there is nothing to tell you that on the new package or on the Chrome Dreams website. So if you already have these two DVDs don’t bother wasting money on this release, the new packaging is the only thing new about it. The card box opens up to reveal copies of the earlier DVDs in their original packaging. It smacks ofRead More →

This DVD was announced earlier this year and touted as a “documentary,” but even at the announcement stage there was little cause for optimism. Let’s start with the fact that the person pictured on the cover of the package is not even Don Van Vliet, but rather some anonymous mustachioed fellow captured in mid-yowl (Arthur Brown or Nick Mason??) – clearly an indication of the level of care and attention likely to be put into the package. Given how many plainly sub-standard CDs and LPs have been issued by the likes of the execrable Ozit records, there was little hope that this would be anythingRead More →

Steve Brewster writes about the opening lines “Baby Percy told Elixir Sue / Listen to me baby / I’m gonna tell it to you”: Don was referring to a common product in the USA in the 1950s – Percy Medicine and their mascot “Baby Percy”. I’m sending a photo of the box for the stuff that clearly shows who Baby Percy is.Read More →

I’ve been hoping on Monday’s Some-how’s and moon days Sundays and some days Never seen the sun days I’m trying and always And running in between Bluejeans and Moonbeams Bluejeans and Moonbeams I’ve been working I’ve been loving Under ‘neath the moon stone sky I know there’s many thing I’ve never seen Blue Jeans and Moonbeams Mondays and moonbeams Bluejeans and Moonbeams Bluejeans and Moonbeams I’ve been hoping on Monday’s Some-how’s and moon days Sundays and some days Never seen the sun days I’m trying and always And running in between Bluejeans and Moonbeams Bluejeans and Moonbeams I’ve been working I’ve been loving Under ‘neathRead More →

Further than we’ve gone The stars sing a song Together That only lovers can hear Come up close to me lover Under heavens beautiful cover We’re here at last Open up And let our love appear Further than we’ve gone The stars sing a song Together That only lovers can hear Come up close to me lover Under heavens beautiful cover Open up And let our love appear (1974) Kindly transcribed by Jory.Read More →

While the city was busy We wanted to rest She deiced to drive up to Observatory Crest We just saw the concert and heard all the best We went on a ride We got outside The sand was hot She wanted to dance We went ’round and ’round at Observatory Crest Thought we saw flying saucers and all of the rest Pawns in high Spain from Observatory crest While the city was busy We wanted to rest She deiced to drive up to Observatory Crest We just saw the concert and heard all the best So the only thing to do Was to drive upRead More →

Track list Grow Fins Nowadays woman’s gotta hit a man When it blows it stacks Sun zoom spark Tropical hot dog night Bat chain puller Ice cream for crow China pig Lick my decals off baby Harry Irene Big eyed beans from venus 1996 Sweden CD Ultimate Audio Entertainment UAE disc3 Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11 recorded in Umea 2nd April 1995; Tracks 6 – 10 recorded in Stockholm 4th May 1995. Background “This project was put together in collaboration with the travelling exhibition [Stand Up To Be Discontinued] of Don van Vliet’s paintings. The art gallery wanted to have Don’s musicRead More →

Many thanks to James Silberbauer for providing all this information Track list Buggie Boogie Woogie Willie The Pimp Drop-out Boogie Sure ’nuff ‘n’ Yes I Do Clear Spot Steal Softly Through Sunshine Steal Softly Through Snowdrop (Excerpt from “Insect And Western” by EC) The Past Sure Is Tense Veteran’s Day Poppy (Including “Ponca War Song” trad. arranged by EC and several themes by Thelonious Monk) Chasin’ The Captain Jack (by EC) Based on a Kiowa Sioux lullaby (I’m Gonna Booglarize You, Baby) Pachuco Cadaver [This is actually split into 2 tracks on the CD] (Including La Rosa by EC) The Dust Blows Forward And TheRead More →

Track list: Coming Clean (Gary Lucas, vocal) And The Ass Saw The Angel (Nick Cave, vocal) Spider Web (David Johansen, vocal) Dulce (Elli Medeiros, vocal) Flavor Bud Living Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles (Captain Beefheart, vocal) In A Forest (Gary Lucas, vocal) Judgement (Eric Mingus, vocal) Judgement At Midnight Theme Oat Hate Follow (Richard Barone, vocal) Astro Boy (Peter Stampfel & Gary Lucas, vocal) Indian War Whoop She Was Showing Me (Mary Margaret O’Hara, vocal) Ted’s Theme Golgotha (featuring DJ Spooky) Breath Of Bones (with Gods and Monsters) Listen, You Who Dare / Improve The Shining Hour Album overview from Graham Johnston Gary LucasRead More →

Track list Hard Workin’ Man (Main Title) – Captain Beefheart Goodbye, So Long – Ike and Tina Turner Zeke, Jerry & Smokie – performer not listed Party – performer not listed Wang Dang Doodle – Howlin’ Wolf Easy Listening – performer not listed Coke Machine – performer not listed Quittin’ Time (Main Theme) – performer not listed Satin Sheets – Jeanne Pruett F.B.I. (Main Theme) – performer not listed Saturday Night Special – Lynyrd Skynyrd Blue Collar (Main Theme & End Title) – performer not listed Album overview from Graham Johnston The score was composed and conducted by Jack Nitzsche which is more than enough toRead More →

Track list Theme from Run Home Slow Original Duke of Prunes Opening Night Party at Studio Z The Village Inn Steal Away I Was A Teenage Malt Shop The Birth of Captain Beefheart Metal Man Has Won His Wings Power Trio Segment from The Saints ‘n Sinners Bossa Nova Pervertamento Exerpt from The Uncle Frankie Show Charva Speed-Freak Boogie Original Mothers at The Broadside Party Scene from Mundo Hollywood Original Mothers rehearsal How Could I Be Such A Fool Band Introductions at The Fillmore West Plastic People Original Mothers at The Filmore East Harry You’re A Beast Don Interrupts Piece One Jim / Roy PieceRead More →

Track list The Blackouts Lost In A Whirlpool Ronnie Sings? Kenny’s Booger Story Ronnie’s Booger Story Mount St. Mary’s Concert Excerpt Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance Tiger Roach Run Home Slow Theme Fountain Of Love Run Home Cues, #2 Any Way The Wind Blows Run Home Cues, #3 Charva The Dick Kunc Story Wedding Dress Song Handsome Cabin Boy Cops & Buns The Big Squeeze I’m A Band Leader Alley Cat The Grand Wazoo Wonderful Wino Kung Fu RNDZL Basement Music #1 Inca Roads Lil’ Clanton Shuffle I Don’t wanna Get Drafted Sharleena Catalogue number: RCD 40573 Label: Rycodisc Released: 1996 Album overviewRead More →

Rating: **** Excellent DEAD rock star in interesting new recording shock! `This album is not available to the public,’ sneers a voice on Tiger Roach [Don Van Vliet’s voice]. `Even if it were, you wouldn’t want to listen to it.’ Unlike most of the other dead rock stars currently releasing new material, Zappa knew he was heading for his last encore and worked on this album of out-takes, studio tomfoolery and unreleased tracks in the years before he died in 1993. The result is a stimulating addition to the bulging FZ catalogue and one of the best introductions to his music. Highlights include his 1979Read More →

Rare Beefheart Vintage Zappa cover

Track list Beatle Bones & Smokin Stones Pt. 1 0’35 Beatle Bones & Smokin Stones Pt. 2 2’35 Trust Us (take 9) 7’20 Gimme Dat Harp Boy 3’25 Moody Liz (take 8) 4’31 How’s Your Bird? 2’10 The World’s Greatest Sinner 2’25 Everytime I See You 2’29 Dear Jeepers 2’26 Letter From Jeepers 2’20 Cradle Rock 2’52 Tracks 1-5 licensed from Kama Sutra Music Inc. and tracks 6-11 licensed from Del-Fi Records. (p)&(c)1991 Disky Communications B.V. Marketed and distributed in the Benelux by Disky Communications B.V.Hoorn. Cover Design: Van Dijken Enschede. From Pop Almanac Records of Holland(?) Album overview from Graham Johnston This album was splitRead More →

Containing both an 80 minutes live show from April 2003 recorded at Shepherds Bush Empire, London and a 50 minute documentary narrated by John Peel and directed by Elaine Shepherd, this PAL format DVD was a real treat when released in 2004 by Subdiva. Its only available second hand now – copies do regularly turn up at Update – November 2014: Copies are available from Proper Records You can read more and view both the films here at the Radar Station via YouTube: Live In Concert Crows Milk documentaryRead More →

Track list Inca Roads Can’t Afford No Shoes Sofa N1 Po-Jama People Florentine Pogen Evelyn, A Modified Dog San Ber’dino Andy Sofa N2 Released in 1975, this Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention album featured Don on harmonica, under the pseudonym Bloodshot Rollin’ Red. Don appears on “San Ber’dino” (also available on the Zappa compilation Strickly Commercial). Released on CD in 1988. Line up George Duke – all keyboards & synthesizers, lead vocals on “Inca Roads”, “Andy” and “Sofa N2” Napoleon Murphy Brock – flute & sax, lead vocals on “Florentine Pogen” and “Andy” Chester Thompson – drums, gorilla victim Tom Fowler – bassRead More →