Rare Beefheart & Vintage Zappa discography

Rare Beefheart Vintage Zappa cover

Track list

  1. Beatle Bones & Smokin Stones Pt. 1 0’35
  2. Beatle Bones & Smokin Stones Pt. 2 2’35
  3. Trust Us (take 9) 7’20
  4. Gimme Dat Harp Boy 3’25
  5. Moody Liz (take 8) 4’31
  6. How’s Your Bird? 2’10
  7. The World’s Greatest Sinner 2’25
  8. Everytime I See You 2’29
  9. Dear Jeepers 2’26
  10. Letter From Jeepers 2’20
  11. Cradle Rock 2’52

Tracks 1-5 licensed from Kama Sutra Music Inc. and tracks 6-11 licensed from Del-Fi Records. (p)&(c)1991 Disky Communications B.V. Marketed and distributed in the Benelux by Disky Communications B.V.Hoorn. Cover Design: Van Dijken Enschede. From Pop Almanac Records of Holland(?)

Album overview from Graham Johnston

This album was split half and half between Beefheart and Zappa. All the Beefheart tunes (the first five) were later released on I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain’t Weird and the 1999 Buddha releases of Safe As Milk and The Mirror Man Sessions. It’s an awkward collection which is far from essential.


  • 1991 CD on Pop Almanac Records #PACD 7009, “Made in France by MPO”

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