Grow Fins lyrics

Now here ya come baby With yer tail draggin’ the gravy Y’ know yer P’s ‘n Q’s What ya don’t know baby Is you givin’ meRead More

Tarotplane song notes

Tarotplane song notes

Steve Brewster writes about the opening lines “Baby Percy told Elixir Sue / Listen to me baby / I’m gonna tell it to you”: Don wasRead More

Bluejeans and Moonbeams lyrics

I’ve been hoping on Monday’s Some-how’s and moon days Sundays and some days Never seen the sun days I’m trying and always And running in betweenRead More

Further Than We’ve Gone lyrics

Further than we’ve gone The stars sing a song Together That only lovers can hear Come up close to me lover Under heavens beautiful cover We’reRead More

Observatory Crest lyrics

While the city was busy We wanted to rest She deiced to drive up to Observatory Crest We just saw the concert and heard all theRead More

Zig Zag Wanderer lyrics

Zig zag wanderer, zig zag wanderer (rep.) You can huff, you can puff You’ll never blow my house down You can zig, you can zag OleRead More

Zig Zag Wanderer – song notes

In 2001 Gary Marker wrote to say the following: Zig-Zag Wanderer was a specific reference to the popular rolling papers of the same name. (“You canRead More

You Know You’re A Man lyrics

Ah you know you’re a man Yeah, she makes you understan’ Yeah, you know you’re a man Yeah, you know you’re a girl about the sameRead More

Yellow Brick Road lyrics

Around the corner the wind blew back I followed the yellow brick road – It ended up at black-board black, I was taught the gift ofRead More

Woe-Is-A-Me-Bop lyric

Woe-is-a-me-bop Om-drop-a-re-bop-om Everbody’s doin’ it Please don’t let them ruin it om (1970) Originally made available at Justin Sherill’s Home Page Replica.

The Witch Doctor Life lyrics

When the Witch Doctor Life throws his silent bones some are crowned kings while others lose their thrones When the Witch Doctor Life throws his silentRead More

Wild Life lyrics

Wild life along with my wife I’m goin’ up on the mountain fo’ the rest uh m’ life ‘fore they take m’ life ‘fore they takeRead More

Who Do You Think You’re Fooling lyrics

Who do you think you’re fooling With these things you’re doing You’re gonna start a scandal burn that midnight candle Now who do you think you’reRead More

White Jam lyrics

She serves me flowers ‘n yams ‘N in the night when i’m full She brings me white jam ‘N I don’t know where I am InRead More

Where There’s Woman lyrics

Where there’s truth, a green valley steams cottonwood Where there’s peace, a little cloud of music gleams brotherhood Where there’s love, I’d be a boy ifRead More

When It Blows Its Stacks lyrics

When it blows its stacks He ain’t nowhere t’ be found When ah wolf’s claws wear way down Better watch out there’s ah man eater aroundRead More

When I See Mommy, I Feel Like A Mummy lyrics

Oh, when I see mommy, I feel like a mummy, Gonna wrap her up Every time I see her Every time I see her I wannaRead More

When Big Joan Sets Up lyrics

Hoy hoy When Big Joan comes out Her arms are too small Her head like uh ball She tied off her horse ‘n galloped off intoRead More

Well Well Well lyrics

Well well well well Why do you taste so well? Oh no no no That ain’t the kind of smell Sky ain’t blue, we’re living inRead More

Well lyrics

Light floats down day river on uh red raft o’ blood Night blocks out d’ heaven like uh big black shiny bug Its hard soft shellRead More

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