Yellow Brick Road lyrics

Originally appeared on Safe As Milk

Around the corner the wind blew back
I followed the yellow brick road –
It ended up at black-board black,
I was taught the gift of love
Smilin’ children, painted joy
Sunshine bright, girl n’ boy
Bag a’ tricks, n’ candy sticks
Peppermint kite for m’ toy

Yellow brick black-board black
Keep on walkin’ n’ don’t look back

I walked along happy n’ them came back,
I followed the yellow brick road,
Lost n’ found, I saw y’ down, alter-bound , alter-bound,
I was taught the gift of love.
Yellow brick road took m’ load,
Sunshine girl, sunshine girl, come t’ my abode

1-2-3-4-5 miles long
Know ah can’t ever go wrong
Clouds a’ grey in yesterday –
dove on m’ shoulder sez time t’ play

Yellow brick blackboard black
Keep on walking and don’t look back

(repeat 1st verse)

I followed the yellow brick road


Checked with Herb Bermann’s original lyric sheet.


  1. It’s “blackboard black,” I’m pretty sure. That’s how Drumbo quotes it in his book, and if you listen to the demo on Grow Fins or this one from the previous year you can also heard that it’s not “black on black.”

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