Live from Vancouver 1973

The third in the series of live shows released by Gonzo Multimedia.


Song List

1. Suction Prints
2. Low Yo Yo Stuff
3. Nowadays and
4. Woman’s Gotta Hit a Man
5. Abba Zabba
6. Band Intro
7. Sugar ‘n’ Spikes
8. Peon
9. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby
10. Old Black Snake
11. Alice in Blunderland
12. I’m a King/Sugar Mama
13. Mirror Man
14. Big Eyed Beans from Venus
15. Golden Birdies

The Radar Station Overview

This is the third in Gonzo’s releases in their series “Somewhere Over…” or “Live From…”series . They can’t seem to make their mind up which one to go with so have used both – one on the cover, the other everywhere else.

This is the concert from 3 March 1973 at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver.

As before this release follows the style set by the previous ones. The artwork and sleevenotes are almost exactly the same apart from changes for the venue and band details. However they forgot to change the date on the spine so it’s listed as “Live From Vancouver 1977”. The band names are correct this time, although they have missed Alex St Claire, presumably because in the band introductions Don called him “the mystery guest” instead of naming him.

Anyone who saw the band on the 1973 tour will agree that the band were on top form and the shows were a tour de force. Despite the limitations of this recording you do get some feeling of the energy and power of the band. When I first received a copy of this many years ago, back in the days of tape trading, I considered this a good one. It was better than many other unofficial recordings around at the time but for all that it is a typical audience recording of the 1970s. I’m not sure that it’s good enough to be packaged and sold as a commercial entity like this, especially when no monies will get back to the guys who performed the music.

This show like most live Beefheart is available for free elsewhere. Check it out there.


2014 CD Gonzo Multimedia Gonzo GZO106CD


Thanks to Dave Hopkinson and John Addie for their help



Thanks to Dave Hopkinson and John Addie for their help


  1. Presumably ‘Bee’ comes after ‘I’m a King’? I agree with Steve that this edition of His Magic Band was one of the best, if not the best ever. I was devastated when the next year’s band turned out to be so rotten…

    1. I respect your feelings but “Rotten?” BS. A bad Beefheart Lp is better than any others “Good” Lp these days.

      1. Author

        I think Mike used ‘rotten’ to refer to the 1974 touring band who were less than magic. They were accomplished musicians but had no understanding of Don’s music and less than no time to rehearse it.

        1. I would agree with that Steve. I just always hear how “poor” the 2 Lps: Unconditionally Guaranteed & BlueJeans & Moonbeams are.(from Beefheart fans no less) And UG’d has The Magic Band + a keyboard player. Both these Lps to my ears are very good. We’re just not used to him singing in key to a 4/4 time et al. But I agree they’re both my least favorite Beefheart Lps. I love all the others. But I LIKE those two just fine.

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