1981 Vancouver

I was very pleased to receive some photographs taken at a 40th Birthday Tour show which took place on Saturday 17th January 1981 at the Commodore Ballroom, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

They were sent to me by Greg Gardner, who writes:

I saw the Captain play twice – 2 days apart on his 40th Birthday Tour. Once in Vancouver, BC, and two days later in Bellingham, Washington. A friend and I managed to get in for the soundcheck at the Vancouver show, at which time I met up with a photographer for the newspaper there who knew nothing about Captain Beefheart, yet had been assigned to write an article and take pictures.

At the end of the show, she thanked me for letting her in on some history of the Captain so she wouldn’t seem too ‘unqualified’ and promised to send me some photographs. They never quite materialised, but she did send me a contact sheet of some shots that were taken at the gig. Fantastic.

These pictures are a real treasure. Many thanks to Greg for sending them.

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  1. I saw that show and it was fabulous. It is one of my most memorable concerts and I am happy to have been a part of history and witnessed that tour. Several music student friends from U of Victoria made the trip together and took the ferry to Vancouver. It was a blast! Thanks for posting.

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