Trout Mask Replica – Third Man Records release 2018

Trout Mask Replica – Third Man Records release 2018

This release, Vault Package #36, by Jack White’s Third Man Records has caused a bit of a buzz amongst fans not least because of the wayRead More

Orange Claw Hammer with Frank Zappa

This version of Orange Claw Hammer is one of my very favourite things that either Captain Beefheart or Frank Zappa ever recorded. It’s an acoustic performanceRead More

Wild Life lyrics

Wild life along with my wife I’m goin’ up on the mountain fo’ the rest uh m’ life ‘fore they take m’ life ‘fore they takeRead More

When Big Joan Sets Up lyrics

Hoy hoy When Big Joan comes out Her arms are too small Her head like uh ball She tied off her horse ‘n galloped off intoRead More

Well lyrics

Light floats down day river on uh red raft o’ blood Night blocks out d’ heaven like uh big black shiny bug Its hard soft shellRead More

Veteran’s Day Poppy lyrics

I cry but I can’t buy Your Veteran’s Day poppy It don’t get me high It can only make me cry It can never grow anotherRead More

Sweet Sweet Bulbs lyrics

Sweet sweet sweet sweet bulbs grow in m’ latest garden Warm warm warm warm warm sun fingers wave In m’ latest garden Flowers dance their facesRead More

Sugar ‘N Spikes lyrics

Sugar ‘n spikes ‘n neon lights ‘n walks ‘n lights ‘n chains coughin’ smoke whoopin’ hope Cardinal sky rush by falls bark in dark Fall backRead More

Sugar ‘N Spikes song notes

Justin Sherill writes: Interestingly, I received an email from a Peter Wray, who might just be the fellow mentioned in the song. Here’s a chunk ofRead More

Steal Softly Thru Snow lyrics

The black paper between a mirror breaks my heart The moon frayed thru dark velvet lightly apart Steal softly thru sunshine Steal softly thru snow TheRead More

She’s Too Much For My Mirror lyrics

She’s too much for my mirror She almost make me lose it The way she abuse it make me never wanna use it Well mend yerRead More

Pena lyrics

Pena Her litle head clinking Like a barrel of red velvet balls Full past noise Treats filled her eyes Turning them yellow like enamel coated tacksRead More

Pachuco Cadaver lyrics

When she wears her bolero then she begin t’ dance All the pachucos start withold’n hands When she drives her Chevy Sissy’s don’t dare t’ glanceRead More

Orange Claw Hammer song notes

Orange Claw Hammer song notes

Painless Parker Derek Laskie writes: This is a photo of a wooden pail full of teeth which Painless Parker extracted. Edgar R R ‘Painless’ Parker isRead More

Orange Claw Hammer lyrics

Uh thick cloud caught uh piper cub’s tail The match struck blue on uh railroad rail The old puff horse was just pullin’ thru ‘n uhRead More

Old Fart At Play lyrics

Pappy with the Khaki sweatband Bowed goat potbellied barnyard that only he noticed The old fart was smart The old gold cloth madonna Dancin’ t’ theRead More

Neon Meate Dream Of A Octafish lyrics

Lucid tentacles test ‘n sleeved ‘n joined ‘n jointed jade pointed Diamond back patterns Neon meate dream of a octafish Artifact on rose petals ‘n fleshRead More

My Human Gets Me Blues lyrics

I saw yuh baby dancin’ in your x-ray gingham dress I knew you were under duress I knew you were under yer dress Just keep comin’Read More

My Head is My Only House Unless it Rains lyrics

I’ll let a train be my feet If it’s too far to walk to you If a train don’t go there I’ll get a jet orRead More

Moonlight On Vermont lyrics

Moonlight on Vermont affected everybody Even Mrs. Wooten well as Little Nitty Even lifebuoy floatin’ With his lil’ pistol showin’ ‘n his lil’ pistol totin’ WellRead More

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