Sweet Sweet Bulbs lyrics

Originally appeared on Trout Mask Replica

Sweet sweet sweet sweet bulbs grow in m’ latest garden
Warm warm warm warm warm sun fingers wave
In m’ latest garden
Flowers dance their faces brave
Come talk freely in the garden of m’ lady
Her hominy smile her hominy snatch
Only uh crow would peck
n’ uh chicken would scratch
Her lips turned up t’ kiss
I see yuh Phoebe baby in yer bonnet
With the sunset written on it
‘n the shadow of uh tree
Curled around yuh knee in color
n’ just behind yuh was the sea of negativity
Tinklin’ like mercury in the wind
Her feet kept by the ground her toes bare brown
Her carriage she’d abandoned like uh hand-me-down
She walked back into nature uh queen uncrowned
She had just recognised herself
To be an heir t’ the throne
Her garden gate swings lightly without weight
Open t’ most anyone that needs uh little freedom
For God’s sake
O’ come as many as you can
In dark or light you’re free t’ grow as flowers
Share her throne ‘n use her toothbrush
‘n spend some interesting hours


Originally made available at Justin Sherill’s Home Page Replica, transcribed by Jonathan Machell.


    1. Author

      Who knows, you could well be right, but my lyric sheet in the TMR CD says “latest garden”.

  1. I always heard it as “latest”…there is no “eee” sound that you’d hear if it were “ladies”.

    1. Yes, on the lyric sheet with the album it says ‘latest’. I’ve always heard it as ‘ladies’ though … maybe influenced by the following line “Come talk freely in the garden of m’lady”

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