China Pig lyrics

Originally appeared on Trout Mask Replica

I don’t wanna kill my china pig
No I don’t
Uh man’s gotta live
Uh man’s gotta eat
Uh man’s gotta have shoes t’ walk out on the street
I don’t wanna kill my china pig
Ell he was uh baby I want yuh t’ see
I don’t wanna kill my china pig
Well I used t’ go t’ school
With uh’ little red box
‘n I used to have m’ pig go with me
We walked for blocks
I don’t wanna kill my china pig
His tail curled five times in uh circle round
It’s glazed
He’s got uh slot in his back flowers grow
My china pig be uh quite uh show
I don’t wanna kill my china pig
Woe no
My china pig
I got him by the snout
‘n I takes him by the cuff
‘n I whipped out m’ fork
‘n I poked at um
Three hairs laid out on m’ floor
I remember my china pig
I fed the neighborhood
It was uh big neighborhood
Uh lot uh people liked my pig
One little girl used t’ put her fingers in his snout
I put uh fork in his back
I didn’t wanna kill my china pig


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  1. Real pig is poland china. Don is using cross metaphor ie: real pig with a piggy bank so all of you are right, both can be used as a savings account to “feed the neighborhood”. I had to kill my spotted duroc/polish china because she had a leg tumor, she was sweeter than any dog, I didn’t wanna shoot her but I hadda do it.

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