Originally appeared on Trout Mask Replica

White ants runnin’
Black ants crawlin’
Yella ants dreamin’
Brown ants longin’
All those people longin’ to be free
Uhuru ant man bee uhuru ant man bee
All the ants in God’s garden they can’t get along
War still runnin’ on
It’s that one lump uh sugar
That they won’t leave each other ‘lone
Why do yuh have t’ do this
You’ve got t’ let us free
Why do yuh have t’ do this
You’ve got t’ set us free
Why do yuh have t’ do this
You’ve got t’ set us free
Why do yuh have t’ do this
You’ve got t’ set us free
Uhuru ant man bee uhuru ant man bee
Now the bee takes his honey then he sets the flower free
But in God’s garden only
Man ‘n the ants
They won’t set each other be


Originally made available at Justin Sherill’s Home Page Replica, transcribed by Jonathan Machell.


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  1. Kirk Dominguez says:

    Truly original a genius with both music and words. Wonderful creative stimulating.i love it.

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