Trout Mask Podcast

Now here’s a thing … a whole podcast about the Trout Mask Replica album … and not just one podcast but one podcast for EACH track.

This is being bought to you by the Prince Track by Track Podcast set up by Darren Husted (see below for more information about the origin of this podcast series). Darren asked some friends if they’d be interested in creating a podcast for a favourite album and Joel Bakker suggested Trout Mask.

Joel then set about convincing assorted Beefheart fans to choose a track, and with him hosting recorded their discussion about the track, the album, how they got into Beefheart and other Beefheart-related topics. Each podcast lasts around 45 minutes. The full list of who’s talking about which track is below … you may recognise a few names in there!

The podcast begins on 1 October 2020 with Joel giving an introduction to the series. His first discussion is with David Lipson on 2 October about the album’s opening track Frownland and then continues a track a day throughout the month.

To listen to the podcasts as they become available head over to the website – – you can then follow the links for Google or Apple Podcasts.

On Twitter it can be found on @princepodcast and @_trackbytrack

The Radar Station would like to thank Darren for allowing us to offer a special pre-release opportunity to hear the first episode about Frownland:

Darren relates the story behind Prince Track by Track:

I started covering Prince’s catalogue track by track from his debut album to his final song (and a few extra tracks he’d written for others) which took me two years (and included a detour into Beck’s Prince influenced album Midnite Vultures). Once I finished that I decided as a bonus to cover the classic period Stevie Wonder, 1971 to 1976. And finished up with 597 episodes in just under two and a half years. At the start of the year I asked others if they would want to cover albums in this format and I’d upload them to the Prince Track by Track stream as it was still getting a good amount of downloads and it felt like an easy enough thing to do, given how quickly I’d done 600 episodes, having guest hosts come in and cover albums they were passion about leaving me to just edit and upload was a smaller burden. Joel had suggested TMR, and there were a half dozen other albums others have suggested, and with lockdown I didn’t want to pressure people to record episodes, nor did I have the energy to edit them. Joel has been the first to organise his guests and start recording so his will be the first presented project on Track by Track.


Date Track Guest
1st October 2020
2nd October 2020
3rd October 2020
4th October 2020
5th October 2020
6th October 2020
7th October 2020
8th October 2020
9th October 2020
10th October 2020
11th October 2020
12th October 2020
13th October 2020
14th October 2020
15th October 2020
16th October 2020
17th October 2020
18th October 2020
19th October 2020
20th October 2020
21st October 2020
22nd October 2020
23rd October 2020
24th October 2020
25th October 2020
26th October 2020
27th October 2020
28th October 2020
29th October 2020
30th October 2020
31st October 2020
Introduction episode
The Dust Blows Forward ‘n the Dust Blows Back
Dachau Blues
Ella Guru
Hair Pie: Bake 1
Moonlight on Vermont
Pachuco Cadaver
Bill’s Corpse
Sweet Sweet Bulbs
Neon Meate Dream of a Octafish
China Pig
My Human Gets Me Blues
Dali’s Car
Bonus Episode: Lick My Decals Off, Baby
Hair Pie: Bake 2
When Big Joan Sets Up
Fallin’ Ditch
Sugar ‘n Spikes
Ant Man Bee
Orange Claw Hammer
Wild Life
She’s Too Much for My Mirror
Hobo Chang Ba
The Blimp (Mousetrapreplica)
Steal Softly thru Snow
Old Fart at Play
Veteran’s Day Poppy
Epilogue episode
Darren Husted
David Lipson
David Lipson
Eugene S. Robinson
Eric Klerks
Eric Gudas
Allison Marcellus
Samuel Andreyev
Peter Silberman
Ken Shimamoto
Aaron Spriggs
Paul Dickinson
Eric Gudas
Ken Shimamoto
Weba Garretson
Ben Waters
Steve Froy
David Lipson
Marco Rossi
Samuel Andreyev
Mike Barnes
Tommy Mack
David Lipson
Atlas Ryan
Tony Jonaitis
Allison Marcellus
Jeffrey Economy
David Greenberger
Brad Schumacher
Bret Hart
Joel Bakker


  1. Read your old post on Agostinho Rodrigues. I have a Buddha head bust signed by him dated 1953. My parents bought it in Miami in the ‘50’s. Cool!

  2. Listened to the podcast for a while untill the presenter of the show told conservative listeners to literally f#ck off. Very dissapointed by this intolerance

    1. Author

      Such are the divisions created in the fair US of A by the Orange Man/Baby. The comment was not directed at all conservatives just those followers of that particular intolerant bully.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I haven’t listened yet, but I’m glistening with anticipation.

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