Why this awful sounding album is a masterpiece

For many people on the first listen Trout Mask Replica just sounds awful. For those of us that grow to love it, it’s a masterpiece.

If you don’t entirely get it yet, this 10 minute feature video from Vox nicely picks apart what’s going on and why so many of us consider it to be uniquely special.

If you enjoy this and want something more in-depth then have a look at Samuel Andreyev’s analysis of Frownland and his extended conversation with John French.



  1. Thank you Radar Station!!!
    I remember Graham some 30 years ago(???) & you’re still a magnificent mouthpiece for the Captain. Still a fan, still fast n bulbous…

  2. Wow. I am not alone. I’m coming back here for a daily fix – thank you, guys.

    1. All you have said is the reverse of the Trout Mask reality! Van Vliet will never be emulated… by anyone. A unique madman from who knows where and who knows why. Just dig it!

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