Captain Hook


Song list

  1. Mirror Man
  2. Upon The My-Oh-My
  3. Crazy Little Things
  4. Full Moon Hot Sun
  5. Sugar Bowl
  6. This Is The Day
  7. Keep On Rubbing
  8. Be Your Dog
  9. Sweet Georgia Brown
  10. Abba Zaba
  11. Peaches
  12. Sam with the scalp showing flat top
  13. Grow Fins

Tracks 1-11: recorded at Cowtown, Kansas City 22nd April 1974

Track 12: recorded May 1975

Track 13: recorded 1977

Radar Station Overview

A single CD in a nicely designed digipak with various well known photographs recoloured.


This is the excellent quality FM broadcast of the Cowtown show that was also booted as Crazy Little Things. However it does also include a version of ‘Sam with the showing scalp…’ from a May 1975 Bongo Fury tour show and a great ‘Grow Fins’ from an unknown venue in 1977. Both ‘Sam’ and ‘Fins’ sound as if they were dubbed from vinyl – ‘Sam’ could well be from the Los Botas Graciosas Marchan Polonia boot.


  • 1993 CD German Records 033

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