Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top lyrics

Originally appeared on Bongo Fury

Sam with the showing scalp flat top,
particular about the point it made.
Why, when I was knee-high to a grasshopper,
this black juice came out on a hard shelled chin.
And that called that ‘tobacco juice’.
I used to fiddle with my back feet music for a black onyx.
My entire room absorbed every echo.
The music was… thud like. The music was… thud like.
I usually played such things as rough-neck and thug.
Opaque melodies that would bug most people.
Music from the other side of the fence.
A black swan figurine lay on all color lily pads.
On a little conglomeration table of pressed black felt.
With same color shadows, and obscene knob knees and what-nots.
The long hallway rolled out into oddball odd.
Beside the fly-pecked black doorway,
that looked closed on the tar-lattice street.
Up a wrought iron fire escape.
Rolled out a tiny wooden platform with
dark, hard, dark rubber wheels.
Roll, skreek! Roll, skreek! Roll, skreek!
Sam with the showing scalp flat top,
particular about the point it made.
Sam was a BASKET CASE!

A hardened dark ivory clip held saleable everyday pencils.
I wish I had a pair ‘o bongos!
Bongo Fury! Bongo Fury!
Oowwwww! Bongo Fury!
Bongo Fury! Bongo Fury!


Originally made available at Justin Sherill’s Home Page Replica.


  1. Interesting…I always thought it was “roughneckin’ thug”…

    gotta love “conglomeration table” and “opaque melodies that would bug most people”…

    1. I agree: roughneckin’ thug. I sometimes call my cat that.

  2. I thought it was ‘the music was dirt-like’.

    Yes, ‘opaque melodies that would bug most people’ is a great response to ‘what sort of music do you like?’

    1. I am 66 years old. I have been listening to “opaque melodies That would bug most people” since I was six years old.

    2. I’m with you on “dirt like”, which is how I heard it when my ears were much younger. I’ve just been checking it out through good headphones, and I still go with “dirt” rather than “thud”.

  3. My tar room absorbed every echo

  4. I hear it as…
    •”my TAR room absorbed every echo”,
    • “I used to fiddle with my back FEED music for a black onyx” (a reference to feedback)
    •”And THEY called that tobacco juice”
    •”IN SEAMED knob knees and what-nots”

  5. Don’t believe that these are the right, original lyrics.

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