An Evening With Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart


An amazing collection of rarities put together as a syndicated radio show by Zappa in 1975. It was broadcast on KWST and WLIR – and possibly others.

Don is in the studio too and contributes throughout – the highlight being the version of ‘Orange Claw Hammer’ with Zappa playing guitar accompaniment

Song List

  1. Cucamonga (Bongo Fury 1975)
  2. Orange Claw Hammer (live in studio 1975)
  3. Debra Kadabra/Carolina Hard Core Ecstasy (Bongo Fury 1975)
  4. Will You Drink My Water (The Smegmates)
  5. Pachuco Cadaver (Trout Mask Replica)
  6. I Was A Teenage Maltshop (CBS Demo 1965)
  7. Status Back Baby (CBS Demo 1965)
  8. Ned The Mumbler (CBS Demo 1965)
  9. Toads Of The Sort Forest (studio session, Cucamonga 1964)
  10. Charma
  11. Speedfreak Boogie
  12. Metal Man Has Won His Wings (The Soots, Cucamonga 1963)
  13. Instrumental (1964)
  14. Louisiana Blues (Ist Mothers recording, Broadside Bar, Pomona
  15. Instrumental (‘Mondo Hollywood’ Film Party, Hollywood 1965)
  16. Studio Rehearsal (1st rehearsals 1965)
  17. How Could I Be Such A Fool (1st rehearsals 1965)
  18. Boogie For Berkeley (rehearsals 1968)
  19. Neon Meate Dream Of An Octafish (Trout Mask Replica)
  20. Muffin Man (Bongo Fury 1975)
  21. 200 Years Old (acetate long version 1975)


  • 1998 US(?) CD on Head

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  1. Hi, any idea where to get a copy? I searched the web not very thoroughly but it seems n/a…

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