The original Bat Chain Puller  (1976)

Tied up in the legal wrangles between Frank Zappa and Herb Cohen before it could be offically released this album has been bootlegged many times over the years. Although production on the album hadn’t been finished advance copies were sent out to music reps and radio stations and it was these that enabled the easy bootlegging of this otherwise  (at the time) unreleased album.

The Zappa Family Trust finally got around to releasing it in 2012 – see info on official release

Here are the bootleg versions we know about:

DERTOTEMOriginal 1976 Shiny Beast Version (Der totem pole sagt)

Year released: 198?
See full info

originalbcp+parisThe Original Bat Chain Puller + Paris 1972

Year released: 1994
See full info

bcp_76sessionsfrontBat Chain Puller – The 1976 Sessions

Year released: 2000
See full info

BCPSAFEOriginal Bat Chain Puller + Safe As Milk (mono mix)

Year released: 2000
See full info

dustsucker_frontDust Sucker

Year released: 2002
See full info

son-of-dust-sucker-vinylSon of Dust Sucker

Year released: 2012 (but claims 2002)
see full info

Bat Chain Puller (remastered version on vinyl)

Year released: 2013/14
See full info

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