Son of Dust Sucker


Song List

1. Bat Chain Puller
2. Seam Crooked Sam
3. Harry Irene
4. 81 Poop Hatch
5. Flavor Bud Living
6. Brickbats
7. Floppy Boot Stomp
8. A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
9. Owed T’Alex
10. Odd Jobs
11. 1010th Day Of The Human Totem Pole
12. Apes-Ma

+ nine mystery live tracks (on the CD version only)

From Ozit publicity drivel

New Updated version of the “Dustsucker” album which will be deleted after the current pressing has sold through. Captain Beefheart’s original tapes of the Bat Chain Puller album sent to his friend Roger Eagle in the UK to make sure they got released in the UK as in the USA the tapes were tied up in a dispute between Frank Zappa and his manager Herb Cohen.

“Son of Dust Sucker” combines Captain Beefheart’s original tapes sent to Roger Eagle with nine extra surprise live bonus tracks from the Captain’s illustrious career.

Radar Station Overview:

Note: the above blurb is followed by a confused BBC review by Chris Jones

You would have thought that now the Zappa Family Trust have finally released this amazing album that Ozit would have the good grace to withdraw from the field. But, no, they have come up with another piece of marketing bollocks to keep churning out their inferior product.

This latest release also includes nine ‘surprise’ live tracks which are not listed … probably because they can’t be bothered to find out the details about them. Somehow I doubt it will be a nice surprise …

This is a pointless release … all I can say is avoid it at all costs.

Update: April 2014

And now they have the gall to release it as a Record Store Day (180g purple vinyl) limited edition and called this time “Son of Dust Sucker – The Roger Eagle Tapes”. In their infinite wisdom of all
things Beefheartian they have also decided to rearrange the tracklist. Unbelieveable!

Interesting to see that it’s credited to “Don van Vliet & The Magic Band” … presumably Gail Zappa’s bid to trademark the Captain Beefheart name has given Ozit pause for thought…

son-of-dust-sucker-vinyl son-of-dust-sucker-vinyl-back


  • 2012 CD on Ozit Dandelion 6013
  • 2014 vinyl on Ozit Dandelion 8020

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  1. Owning both Dust Suckers on vinyl I have concluded that”Son Of” is the VAULTernative Bat Chain Puller release pressed to vinyl. I know Ozit get a lot of hate but I really wanted to own the BCP material on vinyl. It makes me wonder if the re-arranged track listing on the LP version is to “throw ’em off the scent”, so to speak, because the music really does sound SO much better than the Dust Sucker stuff, which sound like demos to me (not the “master tapes” which Ozit claim the songs are from in the Dust Sucker liner notes)–my suspicion is that the first Dust Sucker was the Roger Eagle tapes, as is a few other hardcore beefheads I’ve discussed this with…plus the version of Odd Jobs on the latter is the version from Grow Fins, without the little three bar intro on BCP/Son Of Dust Sucker….the whole thing is fishy but dammit I needed this music on VINYL!

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