Original 1976 Shiny Beast Version (Der totem pole sagt)


Song list:

Side One

  1. Apes Ma
  2. When I See A Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy
  3. Veteran’s Day Poppy
  4. Interview ’78
  5. Bat Chain Puller
  6. Poem
  7. Harry Irene

Side Two

  1. 81 Poop Hatch
  2. Brickbats
  3. Floppy Boot Stomp
  4. Owed T’Alex
  5. Poem
  6. Human Totem Pole
  7. Apes Ma

Side One

  • Tracks 2 & 3: My Fathers Place, NYC 1978
  • Track 4: interview with John Peel from 1973
  • Track 6: Seam Crooked Sam

Side Two

  • Track 5: Odd Jobs

Radar Station Overview

A single vinyl release of the Original Bat Chain Puller album with additional tracks from a 1978 show and a mis-dated interview with Don by John Peel.

Unfortunately the whole album has been pressed at the wrong speed so all the songs play too fast and Don sounds like he’s on helium. A pity because it has an fascinating cover (albeit in black and white) with Van Vliet like drawings on the front and back. The labels are plain and simply marked, A & B, in pencil.

The front cover also has the additional subtitle “Der totem pole sagt man steht auf dem grund”.

This version is almost certainly a re-pressing of an earlier German boot.



  • 198? vinyl Shelter Records LP 80AB

Thanks to Rollin’ Red’s Big Bad Beautiful Book of Beefheart Bootlegs for extra information.

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