Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) releases

1978 US Original on Warner Bros BSK-3256

PROMOTIONAL COPY NOT FOR SALE in circular logo stamped in gold on front cover – normal record although appears to have different matrix – plain paper inner standard issue.

1978 US 8 Track on Warner Bros.

Scan kindly sent to me by Malcolm Riviera.

1980 UK Original on Virgin V2149

1981(?) Australian Original on Virgin V2149 by CBS Records Australia Ltd. (CBS MX 194968/9) – White Label Promo with This record is manufactured for the purpose of promotion only. It remains the property of CBS Records Australia Limited and is not for sale printed on centre label and stamped in gold on cover. Inner sleeve has lyrics, drawing and photos of band and Copyright control 1981 at lower right.

1985 UK Re-issue on Virgin OVED 68

198X UK CD on Virgin CDV 2149


Distributed by Rhino Records – Picture Disc CD (Beefheart art) – lyrics – with US “long box’

1993 Japanese CD on Warner Music Japan WPCP5741

With Japanese liner notes by YUASA Manabu.

2000 UK Re-issue on audiophile vinyl by Past & Present Records.

See full 2000 vinyl reissue orgy info.

2006 UK on Virgin/EMI CDVR2149

A well remastered release with excellent new sleevenotes by Mike Barnes. Pity they didn’t include the lyrics like the original vinyl. Of the five remastered Virgin albums this one has benefited most. I always thought the album sounded a bit muffled but here it’s much brighter and has more presence … definitely worth upgrading your copy.

Early copies of the sleeve of this remaster carried a curious error … writing credits for ‘Tropical Hot Dog Night’ were given to a ‘Michael Brook’. This is, of course, wrong and should have been corrected in later printings.

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