The Captain Beefheart Story

Scary Go Round, John Allison’s long-running internet comic strip, has this week turned its attention to The Captain Beefheart Story.

A warning caption states that this is a difficult and complex yarn and is not for weak minds. How true this is.

The notorious deal made between Don, Frank Zappa and the cat-starved Arabs is described in more detail than I have ever encountered, while the quotations from Captain Beefheart’s lyrics can only have been sourced from previously unheard out-takes in the Zappa vaults. All that being as it might or might not be, this is a compelling account of a story which all too often is taken far too seriously.

The Captain Beefheart Story is Scary Go Round Chapter 38.

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Thanks to Doug W. for letting me know about it.


  1. There was somewhat amusing….

  2. The drawings are good and the story moves along.

    HOWEVER – –

    Serious or not serious, it would have been nice if the artist had continued down a more accurate historical path.

    Beefheart’s true life story is funny enough…adding silly college humor to the mix doesn’t do much for me in the long run.

    But, hey it’s a cartoon and it’s pretty good.

  3. I loved it, especially the captain’s prank too far on the Bongo Fury tour! Nicely irreverent.

  4. “Trout Mask Replica” is the only piece of avant-garde art to which I willingly expose myself on a regular basis. In fact, I think I’ll spin it again now.

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