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Classic Live Recordings From the 1960s & 1970s

A cynical attempt to get fans to buy copies of boot CDs they’ve probably already got!

It’s a ‘4 CD Set’ of three previously released albums with exactly the same packaging. All that’s happened is that a thin card box has been printed up and the three albums have been shoved inside.

So what you have here is:

  1. Full Moon in Cowtown – Live 1974 Radio Broadcast
  2. Plastic Factory – Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 1966 plus bonus tracks
  3. The Muffin Man Goes to College – Rhode Island 1975 Bongo Fury Tour

Follow the links above if you want to read our reviews of these albums

It’s cheap. Which is the best thing I say about it.


  • 2019 4CD Box Set by The Broadcast Archive BSCD6102

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