Bongo Fury in El Paso


Song list

Disc 1

County Coliseum, El Paso, 23 May 1975

  1. Presentation
  2. Bongo Fury Initial
  3. Apostrophe
  4. band introduction
  5. Stinkfoot
  6. I`m Not Satisfied
  7. Carolina Hard-core Ecstasy
  8. Velvet Sunrise
  9. A pound for a brown on the bus the medley
  10. Frank introduces El Paso son Jimmy Carl Black
  11. You`re So Fine
  12. Lonely Lonely Nights
  13. Debra Kadabra
  14. Montana
  15. Strange Things

Disc 2

  1. 1. Advance Romance
  2. 2. Florentine Pogen

Studio outtakes

  1. 3. 200 Years Old (studio outtake 1975)
  2. 4. Orange Claw Hammer (FZ & CB Radio Show 1975)
  3. 5. Redunzl (studio outtake)

Music Hall, Boston 27 April 1975

  1. 6. Camarillo Brillo
  2. 7. Muffin Man
  3. 8. Let`s make the water turn black
  4. 9. Willie the Pimp
  5. 10. preamble

William Patterson College, Wayne 11 November 1973

  1. 11. Pygmy Twylyte
  2. 12. Dummy Up
  3. 13. The Singing Lesson
  4. 14. Dupree`s Paradise



A good quality, well packaged, recording of the Bongo Fury tour in El Paso, Texas. There’s not so much interest for the Beefheart fan as Don has less vocals to do here because Jimmy Carl Black joins the band onstage.

Excerpts from the early show in Boston are also included along with some studio outtakes which have Beefheart involvement.

Oddly some tracks from a 1973 Mothers show are added as filler.

This CD, with the same track configuration has been released with two different covers.



  • 199? US CD on Zappa Fan Trust FZT EP 03/04

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