Shiny Beast for RSD 2023

To mark the album’s 45th anniversary Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) is being given a special release for Record Store Day 2023 on Rhino/Warner Records.

Released on vinyl (just black as far as I can see) and cut from the original master tapes this will be a double album package. Disc One is the original album as released in 1978. The more interesting part of this release is Disc Two which features twelve demos, rough mixes and alternate versions recorded at the Shiny Beast sessions but have not been officially available before.

The track list for Disc Two is :

C1 Suction Prints (Demo) [Instrumental]
C2 Brickbats (Rough Mix) [Instrumental]
C3 The Witch Doctor Life (Demo)
C4 When I See Mommy I Feel Like a Mummy (Demo)
C5 Run Paint Run Run (Rough Mix) [Instrumental]

D1 Tropical Hot Dog Night (Rough Mix)
D2 You Know You’re a Man (Alternate Version) [Instrumental]
D3 Candle Mambo (Demo)
D4 Love Lies (Demo)
D5 Harry Irene (Rough Mix)

As can be seen there are a couple of items that didn’t make it onto Shiny Beast but did appear on later albums. These extras are just some of the outtakes that have circulated amongst collectors for many years. We review one of the bootleg releases here – Shiny Beast Outtakes & Backing Tracks

The album will be released on 24th November 2023 in an edition of 4000 (according to the RSD site) or 4300 (according to Rhino).

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