Rhino Live Album re-release for Record Store Day 2023

The CD version has been long out of print but Rhino have announced the re-release of I’m Going To Do What I’m Gonna Do as a two disc vinyl album for Record Store Day 2023.

The first time on vinyl this will be a limited edition of 5000 to be released on 22 April 2023 with a price tag of 39.98USD. At the time of writing it is not clear whether copies will be able from non-US outlets.

Originally released back in 2000 in the Rhino Handmade Series this album is of the excellent 1978 My Fathers Place, NY show which was widely bootlegged back in the day from its broadcast on Radio WLIR (although most of the boots were cut at the wrong speed).

Definitely worth checking out if vinyl is your thing.


  1. Seems this will be available in the UK – at least to some extent – as the Rough Trade website has it on their Record Store Day list.
    For er… £59.99 (ouch!)

  2. Would like to get a cd if ever comes up .I heard piedmont players at fat Matt’s in Atlanta play one of beefhearts songs was really impressed , want more

    1. Author

      There was no CD release to accompany this vinyl. Occasionally copies of the Rhino CD release from 2000 turn up for sale but can be very expensive.

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