Clear Spot release for RSD Black Friday 2022

Rhino are set to release a two disc clear vinyl of the Clear Spot album as part of Record Store Day Black Friday on 25th November 2022. This will be a limited edition of 8000 (according to the Rhino website) or 4500 (according to the Record Store Day site)!

The original album has been recut from the original master tapes at Bernie Grundman Mastering, plus there is an additional LP of rare studio outtakes, alternate versions, and previously unreleased instrumental rough mixes from the Clear Spot sessions.

At the time of writing no track list has been published which leaves us to speculate as to whether the additional album is just a reissue of the Outtakes disc from the Sun Zoom Spark set or does in fact include some other previously (officially) unreleased rarities.



  1. I don’t know when RSD publishes the tracklists so do not want to jump the gun, but I will say that the 2nd LP has 12 tracks (5 previously released on Sun Zoom Spark that are from the Clear Spot-era; 7 previously unreleased). Sound quality is phenomenal; lacquers cut by Chris Bellman. I produced this release and it’s not going to disappoint.

    1. Author

      Jason, thanks for this update. Sounds like it’s a must have!

  2. Does anyone know if this cut will be on more general release post RSD (e.g. in regular black vinyl as opposed to clear vinyl)?

  3. Will this also be on digital? I’m desperate!

  4. Digital remix to vinyl, I am very disappointed by the sound of this release, screaming treble (digital’s worst side) and a midrange buried in the mix and the bass almost completely non-existent, I had high hopes but they were not fulfilled.

    1. Author

      I’m sort of pleased that it wasn’t just my ears!!

  5. Do yourself a favor, get a copy of the original edition of CS (first pressing if possible) and enjoy analog reality in its most balanced and beautiful form, this RSD edition is pretty much unnecessary to get when the original can still be had for a normal amount of money (the extra material is also totally uninteresting to my ears)

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