Rough Raw and Amazing

rough raw and amazing - ozit 2015 - sml

Song List

1. Hair Pie Bake III
2. Smoking Rio
3. Hair Pie Bake III
4. The Mascara Snake
5. The Mascara Fake
6. The Mascara For God’s Sake
7. When It Blows It Stacks
8. Click Clack
9. Grow Fins
10. Band Intro
11. Hobo Chang Ba
12. I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby
13. Old Black Snake
14. Peon
15. Abba Zabba
16. Woe is Uh Me Bop
17. Alice In Blunderland
18. Spitball Scalped A Baby
19. More
20. Bass Solo
21. My Human Gets Me Blues
22. Steal Softly Through Snow
23. Saxophone Solo
24. Saxophone & Drums Medley
25. Band Introduction
26. Golden Birdies

Ozit blurb

[To be taken with a large pinch of salt]

Another release from John Peels personal tapes archive. John Peel – ” Don Van Vliet- Rock music’s only true genius” // John Peel in 2002 “I have had the Leicester De Montfort Hall recording in my collection for many years and it stands up there as one of Don’s most amazing live performances, the rapport with the audience is superb, Although it takes intense listening in the early part of the show owing to the recording quality, it builds into a great performance from the Spotlight Kid era tour”.

Radar Station Overview

The only Beefheart product issued as part of Record Store Day 2015. Unfortunately it’s another of Ozit’s shoddy products.

Not only do they do Don a disservice but they also trample on John Peel’s good reputation too by resurrecting his Dandelion label name and quoting him as if he recorded this and endorsed it!

As with other recent releases of theirs this has been attributed to Don Van Vliet & The Magic Band, presumably in fear of being chased by Gail Zappa now she’s trademarked the name ‘Captain Beefheart’.

Released on limited 180g yellow vinyl. Although that doesn’t improve the sound quality of this poor sounding 1972 audience tape – as least Ozit are telling the truth when they say it’s “rough and raw”.

Recorded at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester on 27 April 1972.

You don’t need to buy it as it’s available elsewhere for free in probably slightly better sound quality.


2015 Vinyl Ozit Dandelion OZITDANLP 8024

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