Originally appeared on Lick My Decals Off, Baby

Human Bark ‘n
Beautyless hide from beauty
Bow your eyes ‘n heads to the duty of the dead’s
Suck the ground
Breathe life into the dead dinosaurs
Let the past demons rear up their heads ‘n belch fire into the air of now
The rug’s wearing out that we walk on
Soon it will fray ‘n we’ll drop
Dead into yesterday
Must the breathing pay for those who breathe in ‘n don’t
Breathe out
There’d be no game, brother, if no one would play
As for your games count me in all that can see,
Breathe in ‘n out hungry today ‘n eat hearty tomorrow
Or eat away ‘n be eaten some day
No flowers shall grow where oil shall flow
No seed shall sow in salt water
If the dinosaur cries with blood in his eyes
‘n eats our babies for our lies
Belch fire into our skies
Maybe I’ll die but he’ll be rumbling through
Your petrified forest


Note: These are the lyrics as sung by Don. However, they do not coincide with the lyrics printed in some of the CD releases of Lick My Decals Off Baby


  1. Hank Grebe says:


    Line 8: “Sonn” should be “Soon”
    Line 12: “gain” should be “game”

  2. Keith Cannon says:

    You left out
    “No flowers shall grow where oil shall flow” before
    No seed shall sow…..
    There’d be no “game”id no one would play.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks Hank and Keith for spotting the errors. It looks like these lyrics were originally copied from the 1989 Rhino CD release. I spotted a couple of other discrepancies after listening to the song along with the lyrics.

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