I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain’t Weird discography

11 digitally remastered tracks recorded between October 1967 and May 1968 – missing only “Korn Ring Finger” from all known Strictly Personal cuts.

The CD was compiled and annotated by John Platt.

Note that track 11, “Dirty Blue Gene”, is actually an early version of “Ice Rose”, from the 1978 album Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller). “Dirty Blue Gene” was the actual label on the original tapes, so the labelling on the CD is correct. The Magic Band often swapped song-titles around, as must have happened here.

No longer available. However, all these songs (and the missing “Korn Ring Finger”) are readily available on Buddha’s excellent 1999 releases of Safe As Milk and The Mirror Man Sessions.

Track list

  • Trust Us (Take 6)
  • Beatle Bones N’ Smokin’ Stones (Part 1)
  • Moody Liz (Take 8)
  • Safe As Milk (Take 12)
  • Gimme Dat Harp Boy
  • On Tomorrow (Instrumental)
  • Trust Us (Take 9)
  • Safe As Milk (Take 5)
  • Big Black Baby Shoes (Instrumental)
  • Flower Pot (Instrumental)
  • Dirty Blue Gene (Instrumental)


1992 UK CD on Sequel NEX CD 215

1993 Japanese The Alternate Captain Beefheart CD on TEICHIKU RECORDS TECX-25422

Reworked front and back cover with the 11 song titles in Japanese and English. Has Manufactured and Distributed by TEICHIKU RECORDS CO.,LTD. Japan on back. Appears to be issued January 21st 1993.

Has OBI with packed info in Japanese, Price (2,500 Yen) and plug for other TEICHIKU RECORDS CDs (28CP-22 and TECX-18207)

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  1. Great album from that era. SP is one of My all time favs.

  2. Can anyone tell me if I have all the available versions of these songs? I have Safe as Milk with bonus tracks, The Mirror Man Sessions, Strictly Personal and an alternate take of Moody Liz from the release called It Comes to You in A Plain Brown Wrapper. Is that all that’s been released? Or does this have any different versions not on those?

  3. I bought this cd when it came out. It’s great and it sounds great – find a copy if you can.

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