1999 Release of Safe As Milk with Bonus Tracks

Track list

As the original Safe As Milk, but also with:

  • Safe As Milk (take 5)
  • On Tomorrow
  • Big Black Baby Shoes
  • Flower pot
  • Dirty Blue Gene
  • Trust Us (take 9)
  • Korn Ring Finger


All of the above tunes, apart from Korn Ring Finger, were previously available on the now deleted I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain’t Weird Sequel collection. The Safe As Milk album has been thoroughly re-mastered, bringing significant improvements in sound quality. Packaging is based upon the original vinyl release, with new sleevenotes by John Platt.

A small press item appeared announcing this release.

Released on 1st June 1999 on Buddha Records, distributed by BMG, catalogue number 7446599605-2.

The CD:



  1. This record made realise anything is possible.

    1. Except self-correction?

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