1999 Simply Vinyl reissue of “Safe As Milk”

A 1999 re-issue of the Magic Band’s debut album, complete with the glorious remastering and bonus tracks from Buddha’s 1999 CD reissue.

Track list:

Side 1:

  • Sure ‘Nuff N Yes I Do
  • Zig Zag Wanderer
  • Call On Me
  • Dropout Boogie
  • I’m Glad
  • Electricity

Side 2

  • Yellow Brick Road
  • Abba Zabba
  • Plastic Factory
  • Where There’s Woman
  • Grown So Ugly
  • Autumn’s Child

Side 3

  • Safe As Milk (take 5)
  • On Tomorrow
  • Big Black Baby Shoes
  • Flower Pot

Side 4

  • Dirty Blue Gene
  • Trust Us (take 9)
  • Korn Ring Finger.

Press release from Simply Vinyl:

It has taken us ages to finally get a decent Captain Beefheart album together. So thank God we’ve finally managed to snag one of his greatest classics – the legendary “Safe As Milk”. For many people “Safe As Milk” is THE definitive Captain Beefheart album – after all it was his debut release and the one which included muso fave Ry Cooder on slide guitar. Originally released on Buddah in February ’68, the album was released to zero reaction from what must have been a pretty bemused public at the time. In fact, in the UK, one of Beefheart’s chief fans was respected Radio One DJ John Peel whose constant raving about the good Captain at least ensured a good level of national radio play at the time. Whilst the whole album is an excursion to the outer edges of 60’s musicianship there are several standout tracks like the obvious fave “Yellow Brick Road”, the wild “Plastic Factory” and the phenomenal “Dropout Boogie”. First time on vinyl for about 30 years, newly re-mastered and with seven bonus tracks makes this a package to covet! Features Captain Beefheart and Band on the cover suited and booted which makes the album even more bizarre than it already is. An all-time great classic finally available again on good old double vinyl!

Barcode – 643346012216
Cat No – SVLP122
Price – £18.99 pounds sterling

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