1999 vinyl release of “Strictly Personal”

A brand new audiophile vinyl re-issue of Strictly Personal, released on 29th November 1999.

Track list

Track list is the same as on previous versions.

Press release from Simply Vinyl:

OK, before we kick off on this one can we just say that Captain Beefheart’s vinyl sales are nothing short of phenomenal. Both Safe As Milk (SVLP122) and The Mirror Man Sessions (SVLP143) are just steaming away sales-wise! So, for all you intrepid Beefheart fans out there we’ve decided to make Strictly Personal available on 180g for the first ever time!

This is the Captain in one of his best periods, i.e. after Safe As Milk but before Trout Mask Replica. Strictly Personal is seeped in history being the focus of mucho controversy between the Captain and Producer Bob Krasnow in terms of production values etc, etc. In fact this album is seeped in every conceivable psychedelic production trick possible – which kinda makes it fascinating to listen to (unless you’ve already got a headache). Containing such classics as “Ah Feel Like Acid”, “Safe As Milk” and “Son Of Mirror Man”, Strictly Personal is a fascinating document of an equally fascinating dude who’s doggedly stuck to his own particular vision of music with integrity despite the machinations of the commercial music biz, all of whom watched his every move with fascination. An acquired-taste classic on mega vinyl!

Barcode – 643346015712
Cat No – SVLP157
Price £16.99 pounds sterling

Simply Vinyl Ltd
65 Duke Street, London, W1M 5DH
Tel: (0171) 408-0683
Fax: (0171) 499-0485
Web Site : http://www.simplyvinyl.com

Distributed in the UK by Vital Distribution
Tel: 0117 988 3333 (telesales)
Fax: 0117 988 0600

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  1. This review says nothing. In fact, you just used the Simply Vinyl wording.

    How does the Simply Vinyl sound compared to both stereo and mono versions of the LP?

    Simply Vinyl is expensive. Is it worth the upgrade for those who already own the UK mono and stereo LP’s?

    You are the CB fan club. In 68 when I couldn’t find a Blue Thumb LP that wasn’t scratchy, the fan club prez sent me the Liberty mono free of charge to show me how the album should have sounded. I still have that album today but finally found a “reasonably priced” one on eBay. Now that’s a fan club prez!

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