1999 vinyl release of The Mirror Man Sessions

A brand new re-issue of Mirror Man, complete with the glorious remastering and bonus tracks from Buddha’s 1999 CD reissue. Released on 15th November 1999.

Track list

Side 1:

  • Tarotplane

Side 2:

  • 25th Century Quaker
  • Mirror Man

Side 3:

  • Kandy Korn
  • Trust Us (take 6)

Side 4:

  • Safe As Milk (take 12)
  • Beatle Bones N’ Smokin’ Stones
  • Moody Liz (take 8)
  • Gimme Dat Harp Boy

Press release from Simply Vinyl

It’s taken us literally ages to get access to the good Captain’s better material but we think you’ll agree that it’s been worth the wait because a whole heap of additional bonus tracks and different takes have also become unlocked in the process! So continuing on from our fabulously successful re-release of “Safe As Milk” (SVLP122) it gives us intense pleasure to reissue his eccentric follow up to that gem in the form of “The Mirror Man Sessions”.

“Mirror Man” turned away from the more commercial blues based “Safe As Milk” towards a much more eccentric, eclectic and avant-garde set which, by all accounts, was enough to see off Ry Cooder permanently due to the tensions at the time. The original clocked in at a grand total of 4 loooong tracks, namely “Taroplane”, “Kandy Korn”, “25th Century Quaker” and “Mirror Man”.

Our double album package has the advantage of adding a further 5 indispensable Beefheart tracks in “Trust Us” (Take 6), “Safe As Milk”(Take 12), “Beatle Bones N’ Smokin’ Stones”, “Moody Liz” (Take 8) and the fabulously titled “Gimme Dat Harp Boy”.

For lovers of the Captain this is another must-have collection – especially if you wanna hear ‘em in the form that they were originally intended to be heard in. Namely glorious analogue on nice thick vinyl!

Barcode – 743216917419
Cat No – SVLP143
Price – £18.99 pounds sterling

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