Hungry But Weird published by Ozit

Published by Ozit
A4 size
Thanks to Andy Bean for the cover scan

Publisher’s blurb

“Hungry But Weird” is one of the definitive books about Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band. 108 pages on glossy art paper with many photographs and illustrations, put together in the style of late 60s/early 70s underground magazines, this is one of the best in-depth collections of writings/jottings/articles/drawings/illustrations about Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band. Full colour card cover with images of Captain Beefheart back and front.

Radar Station Review

After Ozit’s shameful reprinting of Babylon Books’ ‘The Lives & Times Of Captain Beefheart’ with new title & author credit, they’ve now followed it up with ‘Hungry But Weird’. As ‘Lives & Times’ came out in late 77, there is scope for a second volume covering reprints of interviews and features covering the last three Beefheart albums, which is effectively what ‘Hungry’ is.

At first look, it appears really shoddy: articles in random order with no indication of their source, some fairly crappy drawings, and typewritten poems & lyrics. A quick trip to the bookshelf reminds us that the ‘Lives & Times’, and the accompanying Zappa book (also swiped by Ozit) were actually much the same.

So, worth getting except for two things: it’s grossly overpriced, and it encourages Ozit, who are proud to advertise not only their so-called ‘official’ releases at the back of the book, but also another 8 CDs that are just out-and-out bootlegs!

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