Coming to a record store soon

There’s a few Beefheart items in the pipeline about to be released:

  1. An Ashtray Heart – this is a cd of indeterminate origin. It features a recording of the FM broadcast of the 17 January 1981 show in Vancouver. Additional tracks are from the ’71 Detroit Tubeworks video, 1980 Saturday Night Live and the 1975 Orange Claw Hammer with Zappa
  2. The expanded Safe as Milk gets yet another release … this time as a double vinyl from the Dutch label On Vinyl.
  3. Ozit have in their wisdom decided to release Merseytrout as a limited edition double vinyl.

Still no sign of the original Bat Chain Puller from the Zappa vaults!


  1. …and still no Lick My Decals Off Baby…

  2. Gail Zappa posted at the site on July 24 this year that BCP would most likely be coming out this December.

  3. Has anyone got ‘An Ashtray Heart’ cd? Any good? Is it essential?

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