Warning – Ozit incoming

Translucent Fresnel - Live 72/73 - The Nan's True Hole Tapes Vol. 1

The latest Beefheart release of dubious origin from Ozit is a double vinyl collection of live tracks from 1972 and 1973 called Translucent Fresnel …

Before you waste your money read our review


  1. fand they've got the bloody nerve to use the name Dandelion records, Peelies label from many years ago. How much integrity have these guys got? F**k all.

  2. Cheeky bastards. The only translucent thing about this is Ozit’s quest for cashing in. People interested in Beefheart tapes have had these recordings for years and could probably make a decent effort at ‘remastering’ themselves.

  3. What a waste! Thanks for the heads-up on this one…If only all CB fans went on beefheart.com and read these reviews then this crap would be non-existent.

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