Upon the My-O-My lyrics

[alert_box type=”info”]Originally appeared on Unconditionally Guaranteed[/alert_box]

The decks were stacked
The wind blew low, the wind blew high
The stakes were low, the stakes were high
Upon the My-O-My
Hands low, hands high,
Ho-ho-ho, hi-hi-hi
Hands low, hands high
Upon the My-O-My
How was I to know she was so shy?
Upon the My-O-My
Across the light, across the night
You can hear the Captain’s cry
Hands low, hands high
Upon the My-O-My
Got to make her roll, got to make her fly
Upon the My-O-My
Now tell me, good Captain,
How does it feel
To be driven away from your own steering wheel
Upon the My-O-My . . .


Originally made available at Justin Sherill’s Home Page Replica


  1. Despite the lackluster critical acclaim of “Unconditionally Guaranteed” , I think “Upon the My o My” is an excellent song with the characteristic intensity Beefheart is known for.

  2. A melodic departure from his earlier experimental style (though my knowledge of Beefheart/Don van Vliet is limited). His play with words, generating instant images, could be compared with John Lennon’s ‘Come together’ and part in ‘I’ve got a feeling’.

  3. The beauty of Don Van Vliet is that he skips any interference. The man was a pure copper lightning conductor bringing the hidden worlds to our eyes and ears . I would like to buy one of his paintings if I had the money.

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