One of the Record Store Day releases for 17th July 2021 is the Unconditionally Guaranteed album. Probably not every fan’s first choice for such a event as it was a huge disappointment at the time of its original release but the album has undergone a bit of a re-evaluation in more recent years. Some fans even consider it ‘not too bad after all’… Okay, there are some interesting songs on there but Andy Di Martino’s bland production knocked all the stuffing out of the overall sound. It could have been a much better album if Ted Templeman had produced this one as well as ClearRead More →

The decks were stacked The wind blew low, the wind blew high The stakes were low, the stakes were high Upon the My-O-My Hands low, hands high, Ho-ho-ho, hi-hi-hi Hands low, hands high Upon the My-O-My How was I to know she was so shy? Upon the My-O-My Across the light, across the night You can hear the Captain’s cry Hands low, hands high Upon the My-O-My Got to make her roll, got to make her fly Upon the My-O-My Now tell me, good Captain, How does it feel To be driven away from your own steering wheel Upon the My-O-My . . . (1974)Read More →

Here we go again, baby On the New Electric Ride Twisting and turning Over on our side Here we go around the curve Ya, we really going to swerve Oh, I could barely hold my pride I could barely hold my pride Rappin’ so hard I’m holding my side With you right by my side With my baby right by my side When the machine-guitar stars to playing We’re watching the shooting stars We’re under love’s blue sky On the New Electric Ride Think of all the love we’ve been missing Then we start to kissing and kissing I could barely hold my pride WithRead More →

PECULIAR CHAP, Captain Beefheart. Ever since the full-frontal attack of “Trout Mask Replica” – still my favourite of all his works, whatever he says – he seems to have been moving towards what we professional euphemists tend to refer to as a ‘more accessible’ kind of music. In other words, – he’s been coming in from the unique, arresting stance he’d struck on “Trout Mask” to a position closer to the mainstreams of rock. That does not imply criticism. for with albums like “Lick My Decals Off. Baby”, “The Spotlight Kid” and to a lesser extent as far as I’m concerned “Clear Spot”. He broughtRead More →

1974 US Original on Mercury SRM-1-709 White Label Promo has PROMOTIONAL COPY NOTE FOR SALE on label – inner sleeve advertises other PHONOGRAM INC. releases – cover normal. 1974 US Original on Mercury SRM-1-709 1974 UK Original on Virgin V2015 Colour ‘Two virgins’ label. 1974 Italy on Virgin VIL12015 ‘Black/white ‘two virgins’ label. Made and distributed by Dishi Ricordi S.p.a. 1974 Dutch (Ariola Euro Pressing) on Virgin 87 840 IT Black/white ‘two virgins’ label. 1974 French release on Virgin 840.032 (V-2015) 1974 Swedish release on Virgin V2015 Colour ‘two virgins’ label – cover has SIB truck TUMBA logo. 1974(?) New Zealand release on Mercury 6338Read More →

Recording details: Date – spring 1974 Studio – Hollywood Sound, Los Angeles Producer – Andy DiMartino Engineer – John Guess, Jim Callon Musicians: Don Van Vliet – vocals, harmonica Bill Harkleroad – guitar Alex St Clair Snouffer – guitar Mark Boston – bass Art Tripp – drums Mark Marcellino – keyboards Andy DiMartino – guitar Del Simmons – sax, flute Track list Upon The My O My Sugar Bowl New Electric Ride Magic Be Happy Love Song Full Moon Hot Sun I Got Love On My Mind This is the Day Lazy Music Peaches Album overview from Graham Johnston This album isn’t one that IRead More →

I was a sixteen year old Gong freak – an affliction I still bear now – days would go by as I would entertain my friends with the floating ambient prog that was the Radio Gnome Trilogy. They preferred the less subtle strains of Ozzy era Black Sabbath (can’t knock that) and the post Nirvana grunge explosion. Strangely enough they were not overly taken with the sound. They were even more resistant to my Sun Ra and Ornette Coleman records (although my old R’n’B and soul ones were all right). I couldn’t stand Pearl Jam and the such like and I started to find myselfRead More →