Through the Eyes of Magic – update

Beefheart Through The Eyes Of Magic by John French

The Radar Station just been told that John French’s book is still on course for a Spring 2010 release … although the exact date has yet to be confirmed.

However, what’s new is that Proper has decided that it’ll now publish Through the Eyes of Magic as ONE BIG book instead of the two volumes they had originally planned. This probably make more financial sense. It also means we’ll get the whole book without the danger of the second volume never seeing the light of day!

They’ve also promised that no editing will be done to make it fit one volume … which is good news too.

Now roll on spring 2010…


  1. Looking forward to it! I'll buy it for sure.

  2. Nothing about the death of SAFE AS MILK photographer Tom Wilkes?

  3. I wasn't aware Tom Wilkes had died. He was the graphic designer for the SAM album … Guy Webster was the photographer.

  4. They most definitely kept their promise about “no editing” unfortunately. The book is quite repetitive. French comes off as perseverative at times, which may be by design, as the writing style and tone causes the reader to vicariously feel the pain and discomfort that apparently came with the territory of being in CB and “His” or “The” Magic Band. It’s also replete with more typos than one can shake a drumstick at. Fascinating subject matter however, thoroughly detailed, and the autobiographical nature is highly entertaining.

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